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Whiteboard Wednesday: What We SHOULD or SHOULD NOT Do as Entrepreneurs? S2E12

What We SHOULD or SHOULD NOT DO as Entrepreneurs  Watch the replay here: Delegation Worksheet   Getting started with Delegation | Using the delegation worksheet? Today we’re going to organise your life into ‘What you should do’ and ‘What you shouldn’t do using the delegation worksheet. The infamous Yoda quote says ‘Do or DO NOT? […]

Whiteboard Wednesday: Types of Backlinking S2E11

Types of Backlinking  Watch the replay here: What is backlinking? It’s Whiteboard Wednesday. I’m so happy that it is Whiteboard Wednesday, even more, happy that it’s almost Thanksgiving.  Just came back from the Ultimate Stage Experience that was on Saturday. So today we’re going to talk a little bit about Backlinking. Backlinking is a very […]