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Whiteboard Wednesdays coming to FACEBOOK LIVE – This WEDNESDAY 7PM

Well, it’s been since the end of 2015 since Whiteboard Wednesdays were in existence. If you haven’t already signed up to get notified when I’m live Wednesday for the “Rebirth” of #WhiteboardWednesdays then get on it now: http://vastaffer.com/whiteboard-wednesday-notifications Topics for Wednesday 7PM PST / 10PM EST / 10AM MANILA: 1) 3 Quick Tips to Instantly […]

Never Forget, but Do We Actually Remember?

Never Forget Transcript: Today is September 11. It’s hard to believe that fifteen years ago the unimaginable – the unthinkable – the most tragic happened. We were attacked from within our own walls, our own fortress, our own freedoms in which we value every day were under attack and the victims unsuspecting Americans. The hijackers […]

Virtual Receptionist Software

Virtual Receptionist Software We get a lot of clients asking us about virtual receptionist software to coordinate calls with our team, so it only makes sense we do the research. No matter what industry you’re in, using various Virtual Assistant Software can help get the job done faster. Managing your own small business can be tough. […]

Virtual Assistant Packages

Virtual Assistant Packages A Virtual Assistant is ideal for completing those recurring, time-consuming tasks. We’ve compared some popular Virtual Assistant Packages to help make an easy decision. The reason why we start a business is to make money. As an entrepreneur or a small business owner saving time and money is a must. You want to ensure that you’re […]

Virtual Real Estate Assistant

Virtual Real Estate Assistant A Virtual Real Estate Assistant is your solution to start increasing productivity and sales. This gives you more time to take on new clients and close deals. There are many factors that prevents Real Estate Representatives from increasing sales. Time spent verifying information via phone and email can be time closing deals. There is also countless paperwork […]

Virtual Executive Assistant

Virtual Executive Assistant Why do entrepreneurs nowadays struggle to grow their businesses? Because they do everything. They are the jack of all trades and they struggle to master all. Stop wasting time trying to get everything done when you can be running your business. Isn’t it time to start focusing on the next level? You […]