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Which businesses in your area are using video? Let a virtual social media assistant help you find out.

Virtual Social Media Assistant As a videographer you specialize in high-quality video production, whether you’re working for yourself or for an agency. Most of your ideal clients either have a basic YouTube channel with a few videos or maybe they have an actual video subscription channel but the quality of the video is poor. As a […]


Whiteboard Wednesday: How to KNOW when you’re READY for a Virtual Assistant S2E14

Are you READY for a Virtual Assistant? Watch the video here:  Is a Virtual Assistant a good fit for you? I’ve been launching my 9010 Life course. I’ve been busy getting everything together for that. Most recently, I’ve been getting a lot of sales inquiries. People wanting to work with myself and the team. But […]


Whiteboard Wednesday: What We SHOULD or SHOULD NOT Do as Entrepreneurs? S2E12

What We SHOULD or SHOULD NOT DO as Entrepreneurs  Watch the replay here: Delegation Worksheet   Getting started with Delegation | Using the delegation worksheet? Today we’re going to organise your life into ‘What you should do’ and ‘What you shouldn’t do using the delegation worksheet. The infamous Yoda quote says ‘Do or DO NOT? […]