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Traffic and Conversion Summit 2017

Traffic and Conversion Summit 2017: Lessons Learned

Take-aways from the Traffic and Conversion Summit 2017, Tai Lopez, and Why YOU should be there.

Which businesses in your area are using video? Let a virtual social media assistant help you find out.

Virtual Social Media Assistant As a videographer you specialize in high-quality video production, whether you’re working for yourself or for an agency. Most of your ideal clients either have a basic YouTube channel with a few videos or…

How Our Virtual Assistants Can Help You Create Landing Pages That Actually Convert

You already know the customer persona of your ideal client — what business they are in, how old they are, where they live, and how much they spend on your product or service. But spending the time to research and find each customer out…

How Our Virtual Assistants Can Help You Create Landing Pages That Actually Convert

While checking out your website analytics one day, you realize something: Your new website has brought in a ton of visitors over the past month, but none of them are staying on your site — or buying what you have to offer! For business…

Frustrated with Optimize Press? Three Ways Our Virtual Office Assistants can help

Imagine you were doing some Christmas shopping online. You want to buy some locally-made, hand-poured candles for your mum, so you Google around until you find a business man or woman in your area who makes handmade candles. But when you…

How a VA can help you build, optimize, and share your Wordpress website?

Build, Optimize, and share your Wordpress website Whether you’ve been in business for 5 or 50 years, you know how essential it is to have a beautifully designed and functional website for your product or service. A website functions…

What you should and should not delegate to an Executive Virtual Assistant?

“More hours in a day.” If you asked the CEO of almost any company what they would wish for, they’d answer with “more time.” Why? Time is valuable, and as any busy CEO knows, it seems to get more and more scarce as the work stacks…

Whiteboard Wednesday: How to KNOW when you're READY for a Virtual Assistant S2E14

Are you READY for a Virtual Assistant? Watch the video here:  Is a Virtual Assistant a good fit for you? I've been launching my 9010 Life course. I've been busy getting everything together for that. Most recently, I've been getting…
Whiteboard Wednesday Episode 13

Whiteboard Wednesday: How DREAMERS Become DOERS in 2017 S2E13

How Dreamers Become Doers | Being an Entrepreneur  Watch the replay here:   The Dreamers versus Doers The topic for today is 'How Dreamers become Doers.' This is actually part of the Inc Magazine. This has been one of the best…

Whiteboard Wednesday: What We SHOULD or SHOULD NOT Do as Entrepreneurs? S2E12

What We SHOULD or SHOULD NOT DO as Entrepreneurs  Watch the replay here: Delegation Worksheet   Getting started with Delegation | Using the delegation worksheet? Today we're going to organise your life into 'What you should…