How to Use ActiveCollab with a Virtual Team

How to Use ActiveCollab with a Virtual Team: VA Staffer

The purpose of this tutorial is to show how to use ActiveCollab to create and manage tasks, along with collaborate with the team to maximize efficiency and accountability.


First, thank you so much for choosing to work with VA Staffer – we strive to deliver the absolute best Virtual Assistant Services to allow you grow your business. We want to make communication with us the simplest and most effective possible. In doing so, we are inviting you to our Visual Project Management Tool as a valued client with us.

  • In your email you can see your account details that VA Staffer sent to you. Please use this to access the Project Management Tool
Rhodora V.
Rhodora V.
Lead Solutions Coordinator
ActiveCollab Welcome Email

Just log in by clicking the login link page with the email and password provided.

The following instructions below will go through assigning a task to your Virtual Assistant in the Visual Project Management tool.

  • Below is your VA Staffer Projects Home Screen after Logging in

ActiveCollab Home Screen

To add a new task first you need to click the Projects Icon.

ActiveCollab Projects
  • After Clicking the Projects button you can now see the drop down arrow choose and click the word TASKS.
ActiveCollab Tasks
  • Below is the “Tasks” page without any task on it, you’ll notice “tabs” on the top of the project with different options for your projects. Time to make your first “new task“!
    ActiveCollab Task View

New ActiveCollab Task

To make a new task you need to click the “New Task” button on the right side corner of the TASK page.

After clicking the new task button this is the page that should be in your screen. The New Task Dialog Box.

Make New ActiveCollab Task

Below you will see a breakdown of the features and how to properly create and assign a task in the Visual Project Management tool.

ActiveCollab Visual Project Management

1. Here you can put the Title/Name of the task.

2. The Body of the Task where the instructions that you want to tell and some information regarding the task.

3. Choose in the drop down list what is the category of your task or where the is belong

4. You can choose the Milestone of the task or how the is going

5. Here you choose in the drop down list if the task is urgent or just normal.

6. Here you can select when you want the task to be finish.

7. Here you choose in the drop down list your estimated time to finish the task.

8. In the drop down list you can choose the Label of your task.

9. Here you can attach some files that the VA will be needed to do the task.

10. Obviously this is where you can assign who you want to be responsible for the task.

Assign ActiveCollab Task

In the assignees section in the New Task page you can see Envelope Icon in the right side of the people who’s going to be responsible for the task you can click or subscribe to that to be notified and updated to the task that you have created.

You can also click the “email” next to others involved in your project so they get email notifications when there are updates or requests on the task.

  • After filling all the things that need to be filled click “Add Task” and you’re all done doing your first task for your VA!
ActiveCollab Add Task
  • Congratulations! When you add your task you will see an overview of the task that you have created like above. When you created the task, anyone who you clicked the email notification icon will also receive a new email alerting them that a new task has been created.
First ActiveCollab Task
ActiveCollab Options

If you want to make some changes or if you want to delete the task because it is finish already you can click the “Options” button in the upper right corner of the Task page.

If you want to have hard copy of your task you can click the “Print” button after the option button and have it printed.

Print ActiveCollab Task
  • You can also leave a comment under the task that you have created if you want to comment on something or add more files you can also do that in the comment box. You can also reply via email and it’s posted to our Project Tool (PMT) automatically along with any attachments sent with it.
ActiveCollab Comment
  • Also, in the comment box you can update your task if it’s ongoing or completed. You can also see who are the people involved in the task.
ActiveCollab Subscribers
ActiveCollab Task Tab
  • You can see that the task that you have created is now listed in the TASK section of the Page.
  • After doing your first task for your VA you can see in your Home Screen the task that you have created and you can click that right away to go to that particular task.
  • That’s It! Very Easy, Right?! I hope you found this helpful and useful.

Now you should know how to use ActiveCollab also known as our “Project Management Tool / PMT”

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