Traffic and Conversion Summit 2017: Lessons Learned

Traffic and Conversion Summit 2017

What an incredible experience at the Traffic and Conversion Summit 2017.


To simply summarize my experience at the event in two words – life changing.


Here’s why:

  1. The people who are in attendance are some of the most brilliant minds in marketing today. The ability to be in the same room with this talent, let alone connect with them personally raises your IQ.
  2. People fly from all over the world to attend this event, and you will have the newest innovations being used from absolutely every platform and/or integration there to learn about at the bazaar of vendor booths.
  3. Grow. Grow. Grow. Talk about depth, the strategies discussed here are nothing short of brilliant. They are easy to digest, and if you actually ACT on what is discussed, you have ZERO excuse to make giant leaps to progress your business, and/or personal development.
  4. Network like NEVER before. Look, I’ll admit, I’m not Sammy T, he’s a legend. I couldn’t keep up, on Saturday night, I was invited to 3 events, and I eventually went to sleep at 5AM after being drug to another event…………after each event. A total of 8 parties ranging from nerd-fests with vendors to geek out with some high-powered developers, to cannabis businesses making waves with vape and chemical strains (even as a complete square who has never used drugs – I had to appreciate the innovation they brought to the industry)
  5. Networking 2.0: You heard right, it’s so important it’s listed twice. I met with several industry leaders for markets I have been working to get into. I had the opportunity to pick the brains of some of my most intriguing people LIVE in person, 1 on 1, who a normal person wouldn’t even get a reply from an email, let alone a facebook add – and you have the ability get to know them. Even hang out in their hotel room afterwards and close down a bar singing Santaria (Yes, I have the video, but embarassed to post.)


In closing, DO NOT miss this next year. I won’t, and now I know why.

Also, my life is complete because I got to spend time with my BFF Tai Lopez at the Internet Marketing Party

Tai Lopez and Jeff J Hunter Internet Marketing Party

The people who attend are absolutely incredible, and until they stop coming, I’ll keep coming.


How was your experience at the Traffic and Conversion Summit 2017 or why didn’t you go?

Jeff J Hunter

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  • Des Shinnick

    Best reasons ever to attend. Thanks.