White Board Wednesday: The POWER of Social Media S2E6

The POWER of Social Media for Customer Support

Whiteboard Wednesday Episode 6

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Social Media and how it leads to SALES

The power of social media for customer service and how showing that you have amazing customer service creates sales. For example, Amazon is one of the companies that everyone talks about. That is because they deliver on customer service. It’s so easy to return a product.

How a Generic Facebook Post/Ad can help you boost your business?

Facebook is a unique Beast. It can turn or burn or you can do really great on Facebook or on any Social Media Platform. It is transparent.

Benefits of Social Media

  • It really is transparent. Never has there ever been a form of communication more transparent than Social Media.
  • You can communicate with people directly here or even if you don’t, people still see that.
  • People call you out directly.

Components of a typical Facebook Ad/ Post

  • At the very top of the post would be the message. It states who posted the message, page/ business name, date and private or public status.
  • Followed by the section where you write a short description about your product.
  • You can also include a picture
  • The actual advertisement
  • Call to action
  • Like, Comment & Share  – This how people are going to interact with your product.

How to prepare for People’s reaction to your Products?

  • By having a Great Product
  • By interacting with them no matter their responses.

How does Social Media help in getting your product out there?

Social Media gives you instant gratification for your products. People review your page and get to know more about who you are or what your products/services are. We live in a global economy and there is lots of competition out there and you have to ensure that you’re giving people solutions to the pain points. By providing outstanding customer service, you create ambassadors for your product not just customers.

The Importance of Likes, Comments & Shares on your Facebook Page:

Comments are visible to everyone who visits your Page.  If you are a company, you have a page and you are not paying attention to what anyone is saying, then you are losing out because this is important. It is mind blowing connectivity between you and your customers.

How does Facebook/ Social Media Interaction help?

Facebook Interaction tells your customers that you care. It also helps you in getting genuine Feedback from your clients which helps you in taking your business to the next level.  A Simple Customer Support System via Facebook or any Social Media Platform will help you step up your game. Social Media is the Future.

Final Thoughts 

If you really want to take your business to the next level then you need to focus on your customer support. Ensure that when someone calls you company, there’s not a robot on the other end, but an actual person who can answer their questions and recommend solutions. You need to show people that you’re not all about the money – you actually care about them as a customer.



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