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Whiteboard Wednesday: Podcasting Goals S2E9

Podcasting Goals


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00:00:39 What is a Podcast?

Podcasting is very popular tool that industry influencers utilize. It is industry specific and varies in frequency as well as the audience that they’re trying to reach. But genuinely, it’s a digital way you can do Stitcher, iTunes all sorts of things and probably all of you guys have at least heard of one form of a online radio or online show that’s audio that is a podcast.

00:00:90 What is it good for now?

I don’t want to sit here and be a hypocrite because I don’t have a podcast now. I probably could turn my Whiteboard Wednesdays into a podcast but I haven’t. So hey that’s on me right. I have no excuse there. I could do that.

00:03:14 How does a Podcast work?

We’re going to look at a podcast and you’ve got probably seen this, a little micro phone looking thing. They usually have a little spit guard and then there’s a dude right here and course somebody blabbin’ off into space right? And then it heads on over to the internet which will dispose off into clouds.

00:03:49 What is the Purpose of Podcasts?

A Podcast is a  great tool for marketing. It’s a way for you to put yourself into an Expert position. Hopefully you’re talking about something that you actually are good They come in all sorts of topics and industries. You could be talking about business, sports, acting or stars. Podcast are really anything you can be talking about literally anything as long as people are interested in that.

00:04:40 How to make Podcasts work for you?

A lot of Telecasters fail because they don’t do enough market research to find out what people actually want. I would always recommend doing some Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Research to make sure that people actually want the stuff that you’re actually talking about. If you don’t know about a SEO, Hit me up. It’s amazing to have that big beautiful spreadsheet of all the things that people are actually searching for and need just right talk about them.

00:05:18  Your Podcast Audience

So today. I did a great presentation for the Association of information technology professionals which is really funny because they just recently got bought by CompTia/. Here I am Certified Comptia A+ Professional. And the reason I’m telling you that is because you really need to focus on the audience that you’re in front of.

00:07:01 The Podcast World

I am still confused about Podcast. Tell us a little more about it.

I am a huge fan of podcasting. A lot of my clients have podcasts themselves. Matter of fact I have to say the probably most successful businesses that do marketing right have a podcast. I know I should have one too and my clients tell me all the time I’m not practicing what I preach. I help them do their own podcast stuff but guess what – I don’t want to do it it’s on my list of what I don’t want to do. So you know what I might do is have my team take this Whiteboard Wednesday video and turn it into MP3 and maybe we’ll just start one up. Maybe we’ll transcribe it and post the stuff on there. I have lots of content for a podcast. But that’s not what today is about. It’s about the audience you want to attract.

00:08:00 What are the important things to a Podcast?

There are a couple of things about podcasting that’s really important to know. Obviously like I said before you have to know your target audience. Your audience has to be crystal clear. For example, if you are a B2B type business (you’re marketing to other businesses) you should have an approach that would attract specific business that you’re working for or that you’re looking to attract. If your B2C (business to consumer) then you want to make sure that you are actually marketing to the consumers that are going to buy your products. Ff you’re not, then you need to rework that because it’s just bad.

00:08:41 Top 4 things about Podcasting, what would they be?

Four things today which leads to the fifth.

Number 1 – WHO?

  • I want you to think about WHO is your ideal customer?
  • Who is the target that you’re trying to reach here?
  • A lot of people you’d be surprised. They don’t even know who their ideal customer is. That doesn’t make any sense to me. But. It’s just it’s true.

Number 2 – What do they want?

Now if you don’t know what your ideal audience is. Boy that could be a whole another podcast for another day. A whole new white board Wednesday or whatever platform I might decide to be on. But you really should know who it’s going to be. The important part is what do they want what do they want and what do people want?

What do your ideal customers want?

  • Quality service reliability.
  • A good deal.
  • A lot of value.
  • Same things but I challenge you to think specifically what do ideal customers want? Really think that’s important but then you have to think about the why do they want them. How do you do that?

Number 3 – What pain do they experience?

We’re looking at pain.  Let’s discuss a good example here for the pain. So, If somebody is trying to hire a mechanic.

What type of pain do you think that they have?

  • Do you think that their car might not be working?
  • You think their car might be out of date?
  • You think they might want a new car?
  • There’s a lot of pain points there, right?

Number 4 – What would help them?

So talk about number Four. I like this one, I think we need to figure this out. You ready. What would help your customers, your ideal customers in their business? What would help them? Now you see the pattern here. Who are they? What do they want? What ails them? What’s the prescription? What’s the prescription for what ails them? Guess what guys, you’ve just now identified your ideal customer. It was a trick question. All of these here go back to one. They all focus on the ideal customer. It’s always about the customers always about the relationship that’s the one thing you do not outsource.  You can’t outsource relationships. Number five what you got here.

Number 5 – An offer

Guess what Number five is literally an offer. All you need to do is offer them something to fix their problems. That’s it.

00:13:26 What does all those 5 Points have to do with Podcast?

A Podcast is about discussing the pain points. Discussing how they can get help given the right tools. Then eventually offer them things that you get paid on. Whether that be through affiliate marketing or you actually offering the service yourself.

00:13:56 How else could I use my Podcast?

So there is a ton of great resources out there about starting your own podcast. If you have a WordPress website, it’s super easy because you can use the RSS feed and set up a category just for your podcast. I would highly recommend people do a podcast and have content out there regularly. Even if it’s not a podcast, you could do a  blog or video or whatever you’re comfortable with. I like to do Whiteboard Wednesday Live videos because they’re just easier for me and plus I like to use the white board.

00:14:24 Final Thoughts

I’m wondering if you’re applying these tips already. By the way this is just marketing in general. It doesn’t just have to be podcast. But you can use the podcast to discuss the pain points of people’s businesses and you’ll actually grow quite a following just by discussing the pain points of your target audience. So if you don’t know if you want to do a podcast and you’re like “well I’d like to do a podcast but I don’t know what I’m going to do a podcast on.” How about you do a podcast on the pain and sufferings of the people that you’re trying to target and actually have a solution or product for it. There are many ways in getting started and you might need help along the way. I could be the help that you need. So go ahead and contact me and my team and we’ll discuss your pain points and develop a solution for you. I developed a personalized one-on-one strategy session where we focus on your business. You start doing the things you want to do and outsourcing the things you don’t. Sign up here.


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