Whiteboard Wednesday: What We SHOULD or SHOULD NOT Do as Entrepreneurs? S2E12

What We SHOULD or SHOULD NOT DO as Entrepreneurs 


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Delegation Worksheet

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Getting started with Delegation | Using the delegation worksheet?

Today we’re going to organise your life into ‘What you should do’ and ‘What you shouldn’t do using the delegation worksheet. The infamous Yoda quote says ‘Do or DO NOT? There is no try!’ The funny part is, you guys already know the answers. What we’re going to do is work through these together. I know that a lot of you guys might not have your own whiteboard, so guess what? There’s no excuse. You can do anything with using almost anything. Open up Microsoft paint and do it. If you’re on your cell phone, send a text message to yourself. This is going to be a super simple exercise. It’s going to be driven by three (3) very strong emotions and one (1) very important thing that we all must cherish in our lives. We’re going to start out with one (#1).

Part 1 of the Exercise | The things you HATE doing 

Draw a Box. Fantastic! I want you to write a word in this box. The word I want you to write here is ‘HATE’. It’s a very strong word, wouldn’t you say? Hate! Now, I want you to think about some things that you do in your business that you hate to do. What are some things that you Hate to do? I’ll give you some examples. I hate social media. I know, I do. I hate posting on social media. I hate trying to keep my content fresh. I want to do what I want to do. Waking up every day and deciding what kind of inspirational post I’m going to do for the day – it doesn’t float my boat. So I’m going to put it here that I ‘Hate’ social post and I do. It’s a fact.  An example of some other thing that I hate doing is email templates. I hate sending out newsletters. I hate making sales calls. What else do I hate doing? Gosh, there’s a  lot of things I hate doing. We’re going to leave this here for now. 

Part 2 of the Exercise | The things you SHOULDN’T DO

We’re going to have another box here. In this box, we’re going to put some things that you don’t like doing. There are probably things that are really critical to your business. Some of these things, I would say are critical to most people’s businesses. But what are some things that you know that you’re doing but you shouldn’t do? Maybe you don’t hate them. Okay here’s the shouldn’t do. I do my accounting sometimes. I’m not great at it. Expenses are definitely something that I used to find myself doing and I know I shouldn’t do it. What are some other things in your life that you do but you shouldn’t do? Now for me, I love doing my own graphics for social media. I do like making graphics. I don’t like the social media part but I really like making my own graphics. Sometimes I do my own stuff guys. Another example is making landing pages. Matter of fact my team is better at making landing pages than me.

Part 3 of the Exercise | Identifying your STRUGGLES  

Now we’re going to put on a very strong word again. In this box, we’re going to put struggle. What are the things that you struggle with that take way too much of your time? For me, some of these feel like they could be in the same thing. Some of the things I hate are the things that I feel I struggle with. I know that I struggle with social posts. I’m not good at it. I know that I struggle at landing page design and sometimes I struggle with graphics because my graphics guys are way better than me. But the reason why I put ‘struggle’ on purpose after the other heading is because a lot of times you’ll see, there are some things that you struggle with that you probably love doing. Like for me, I struggle with making funnels, setting them up and setting up membership access for sites. I am horrible at coding and anything that requires code or CSS. I’m really bad at anything that has to do with that kind of stuff. Alright, so we’ve got a few things on here. Don’t feel bad about going back and adding things in. It’s really important for you to understand this.

The Last Leg of the Exercise | What brings VALUE to your business?

I just got done doing this with Liz Benny, one of my clients. She had probably over 100 things between these three (3) columns that she wrote down that she does for her businesses every day. She has about five (5) different businesses. Now in this box, I want you to think about ‘VALUE’. Value is really important. These are the things that add tons of value in your life.  What are the things that have the most value to your business? Let’s start with this just in business. Maybe it’s one-on-one time, with your client. Maybe that’s where most of your time should be spent. Is that the most valuable thing that you do? Maybe it’s creating a course or products or services? Maybe it’s finishing that book that you haven’t done. I’m in the same boat.

Analysing the data in the Delegation Worksheet

Let’s analyse what you’ve effectively done here. What did you find when you start getting into the nitty-gritty of your business? It’s going to be very easy to fill up the ‘hate’, the ‘should not do’ and the ‘struggle’ columns of the delegation worksheet. The should not do’s and the Hates, those are for days. The things you struggle with could be the things you’re good at. Some things you struggle with that could definitely be done faster, quicker,  more effectively. I can tell you that every single thing in my struggle column can be done by my team or somebody else who has more experience than me. It’s better to have them take care of it. Some of the things in the ‘shouldn’t do’ column, I actually enjoy doing like graphics. I enjoy doing it. Should I do it? No, not really. Then there’s the ‘hate’. That is very self-explanatory. I mean if you hate this, then you shouldn’t be doing it. It just doesn’t make any sense. This is all things that you need to worry about building to scale, building for actually scaling your business. How do you do that by building out processes to make these look decent? How do you make them look decent? No one knows?! All you have to do is write down a list. This is all things that you need to worry about when you’re building to scale your business. How do you do that? By building out processes to make these look decent. How do you make them look decent? No one knows? All you have to do is write down a list.

Building to scale | Creating systems/ processes

All you need to do systematise this stuff. You know how simple it is? People always make excuses and they’re like, “I don’t know how to make a task list or instructions?” Look first off, forget processes and instructions. Think about recipes. Recipes for success. Think about it. For a recipe, you would need two (2) eggs and half (1/2) a cup of butter. You want to make it a perfect list of how things would work out. It’s simple to do actually, even for the busy entrepreneur. What you can do is you can just record doing it. Just record yourself doing whatever it is. And then you can go back and you can write down the steps. If you have a team, you can send the video to the team and they can turn it into steps for you. That’s how it works.

The Value is all about the 10 percent. This is the consultations, creating products or going to events. It could be spending time with your family. I have clients that have a very successful business already. They’re doing just fine. The problem is that they’re working too much. They just want to have more time their family. They don’t want to sacrifice the business. There’s that misconception that you have to you have to sacrifice your family time for your business. That’s really something that I think a lot of entrepreneurs deal with. The divorce rate is so high in entrepreneurs, especially female entrepreneurs. That puts a whole new element into it.

I want you to focus NOW on this so you can focus on this, that’s the key. I want you to have that 90 percent of the busy things that keep you busy but aren’t creating the most value. Do expenses create value? Do creating graphics create value, unless you’re a graphic designer? Does creating a landing page create value? No, because it’s just a system to sell your product. What about funnels? Memberships? Coding CSS? Emails and sales calls? Sales calls might be something that you value. It doesn’t have to be on the ‘hate’ list or it could be a hate list that I value. You’ve got to think about it. Sometimes they’re just things in business that you got to do that you hate, it’s just the truth. Sale calls – if that’s part of your Business Model. BOOM! But, guess what? More than likely you can get people to do that for you too, put them on commission.

Jeff J Hunter – Initial Process Assessment

This is stuff that I work with my clients on the Initial Process Assessment to really dive in and find out what are the big pain points? Where are the bottlenecks? How can we automate things? I like to think of it this way – automate everything you can because this is going to be the best bang for your buck. If you Automate things, they can’t skip work or have a day off. An automation run whether you’re there or not. Automation is the way. But for everything you can’t automate, you probably need to have a virtual assistant team. This is really important now. I’m going to blow your mind here the last statement. 90 percent of the things that you are doing in your business today, someone else could do probably better than you and probably a lot cheaper. So I want you to value your time. Find out what’s creating the most value. Maybe you’re not ready yet. Maybe your business isn’t making enough money yet. But the question is, “Is your business growing or are you just running your Business?” Have you created a job for yourself or have you created a successful business that doesn’t need you? Think about replacing yourself.

Living the 9010 Life

That’s what The 9010 Life is all about guys. It’s something I’m going to be doing next year. I’m really excited about it. It’s going to be showing people, hand-hold style, on how to get rid of the 90 percent of things that are holding you back from the 10 percent. I’m not trying to brag but I get to spend 100 percent of my time doing my 10 percent of the things that are most valuable to me. What could you do? How valuable could your time be if you were focusing on the 10 percent that actually is creating more business that is actually bringing in the value? Or is it about the family? How much is it worth to go to your son’s taekwondo at 05:15 pm every Tuesday and Thursday? That’s what I do.  You know being able to take him to and from school if I needed to. For me, I have my meetings and I don’t even schedule a meeting until 11:00 a.m. I have that time period from about 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m, that’s my time with my family or time to prepare for the day and to get some breakfast whatever I wanted to do. If I need to sneak something in, I sneak something in. Guess what? I don’t work on Fridays either, at least not for my clients. As long as it’s ‘this time’, I’m all about spending my 100 percent in the 10 percent block. So I don’t know if you are, but I implore you to do it.

Need help figuring out how to creating processes for your business or the things that should be outsourcing. Our virtual assistants can surely help you with that. Just give us a call.



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