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I had the pleasure of working with Jeff and his team now for well over a year. I found them by complete chance, and have been thrilled with the service, performance and pricing that VA staffer has given to eCompany Solutions.

Jeff and his team continuously try to come up with innovative solutions to save money through automation and outsourcing. His team has grown to 20+ in a variety of business needs and does excellent work. There is no comparison to a one-on-one VA vs the managed team solutions that Jeff has created.

I look forward to the future working with them!

Stephen Gardner

eCompany Solutions

What To Expect on the "Inside" as a New Member

A quick look inside the project management tool and budgeting

Productivity with a Purpose - Our Commitment to Communication

Several ways to keep in touch with YOUR time in mind

Email Support Around The Clock

Our team is practically online all the time thanks to the time zones – we do enjoy weekends (what is left of them!) contact [at] vastaffer.com

Live Chat & Messenger Apps

There are so many different ways our clients communicate with us. Depending on the task we can set up conference calls, facebook, skypes, and website live chat.

Project Management Tool

The Project Management Tool (activeCollab) is hands down the best way to keep everything moving. With integrated email and a robust notification system – this is key.

Frequently Asked Questions

Payment questions, how it works, monthly billing and more

How often do I pay a month?

Your minimum retainer is for $250 USD - this is good for around 25 hours of virtual assistant support. The retainer is an advance payment for services rendered during a month starting your paid date until that date the following month.

What happens if I use up all of my retainer before the next month cycle?

It's very common to use more than your monthly minimum retainer once you find out just how nice it is to delegate those time consuming tasks. We will update you when your balance is getting low and we'll send you a link to add additional funds to your balance.

What if I don't use all of the retainer in a month?

It happens, you might go on vacation, have a project actually finish (I bet you can't wait to have THAT happen) with some "down time" in between - we have a 30 day grace period so your retainer balance will roll over into the next month before they expire. If you need help finding things to do, let us know - we have a lot of ways we help our clients and we're always ready to assist.

Can I change my plan?

Absolutely. It's very common for our clients to need us a lot more than the $250 USD retainer and we can usually figure out how much you need us in the first month or two - then we can adjust your monthly retainer accordingly.

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