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Welcome to the Philippines Office

Welcome to the Philippines Office in Makati Metro Manila Greetings. A very warm and early welcome to the Philippines here in our new office. I have only been here one day so far, and the jet lag is absolutely ridiculous. First, the plane ride is already 24 hours with only a 1.5 hour transfer in […]

Not-So Virtual Assistant Office

Not-So Virtual Assistant Office This Friday, I embark on a 23 hour plane flight and 17 hour time zone difference effectively losing 3 days traveling to Manila, Philippines. I’ll be heading out Friday morning and landing Sunday morning – not leaving much time to set up our new Virtual Assistant Office in time for interviews […]

How to Use Hubstaff

How to use Hubstaff: for Employees There are an assortment of productivity software to help manage a virtual team, and we’re all about getting the best productivity of your team while keeping it simple. For this blog post, you will see how to use hubstaff as an employee. We went ahead and completed the full […]