Keyword Mapping To Form Relationships

Keyword mapping is the most important part of strategic content. This is the core of your keyword battle plans. This is the opportunity to create bridges between the various keywords. It is not good enough to just random keywords into articles…

Linking Phrases To Create Outline

Linking phrases is the act of giving relational relevance to the keywords that you have selected for your squads. (If you have not seen how to create your keyword squads, then go to Simple Strategic Keyword Hierarchy.) Relational relevance…
Simple Strategic Keyword Hierarchy

Simple Strategic Keyword Hierarchy

Keyword hierarchy is a method of organizing keyword phrases that have a connection with each other. Basically, you want a flow of keywords that makes sense. Too often, content for websites is just created without considering the strategy…

SEO Strategy For New Website Action

Getting the right SEO strategy for new website builds is very important. Too many businesses start their website without this strategy in place. Once the site is built and in motion, it is more difficult (but not impossible) to get the website…

SEO Maintenance Critical Steps

SEO maintenance is a very important step that is often neglected. It is not good enough to just post articles and ignore them. This is actually one of the biggest complaints users have! Especially, when it comes to giving instructions. SEO…

Offline SEO Is The Way To Go

For the purposes of this tutorial, "offline SEO" means when you are doing SEO actions that are not part of your business website. Too many businesses post content with the attitude of 'set it and forget it', also known as laissez-faire.…
Onsite SEO Step By Step Wow!

Onsite SEO Step By Step

Onsite SEO is the way to get noticed in the search engines. Search engines are machines. The best way is to speak machine language. Steps to do that here.
Keyword Strategy Battle Plans Top

Keyword Strategy Battle Plans

In this tutorial, keyword strategy and content strategy are going to be explained for you. From this post, you are going to learn the steps necessary to create an effective content strategy that also takes advantage of SEO. This…
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Marketing Yourself on Social Media – Featuring Kim Garst

Marketing Yourself on Social Media with Kim Garst J: Hi Everybody! This is J Hunter with VA Staffer and today I'm here with Kim Garst, she is a very influential person in Social Media. Hi Kim, Welcome! KIM: I'm excited to be with you…