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Virtual Marketing Assistants for Entrepreneurs = Branding

The Entrepreneur's Need for Branding As the leader of your business, it is your duty to develop a brand which will entice customers to conduct business with you. A good leader, however, knows when to solicit the help of experts to fine tune…
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Social Media Marketing Assistant | VA Staffer

I’m really excited here to show off our new VA Staffer Social Media Marketing Assistant. It’s a FREE social media management tool that we’ve brought up to speed for our clients because many of them don’t have it all in one place. You…
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Dasheroo Review | Social Media Statistics and More

Dasheroo Review | Social Media Statistics Dashboard In this Dasheroo Review we’re going to be looking at it from the perspective of Social Media Statistics as well as an Inbound Marketing Dashboard to monitor your campaigns. You’re…
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Marketing Yourself on Social Media – Featuring Kim Garst

Marketing Yourself on Social Media with Kim Garst J: Hi Everybody! This is J Hunter with VA Staffer and today I'm here with Kim Garst, she is a very influential person in Social Media. Hi Kim, Welcome! KIM: I'm excited to be with you…