Why Zirtual

Zirtual Back or Zirtual Bankrupt? Why a $25 dollar an hour Virtual Assistant Didn't Work

The news of Zirtual closing operations and laying off 400 employees came as a shock not only to clients and the virtual assistants, but it made a ripple in the virtual assistant business community, well at least in my office. I cannot believe…
Web Developer Application

VA Staffer Update: Team Building in the Philippines 8/17-8/28

Greetings Everyone! In less than 24 hours I'll be on the longest stay I've had in the Philippines since we started VA Staffer. The trip going to be action packed, we have training, team building, and more than likely a little staff Karaoke…
Independence Day 2015

Happy 4th of July - USA Independence Day

Americans Celebrate 239 Years After the Revolution That Changed the World Freedom is a big deal. It's crazy to think that 239 years ago (which isn't very long ago) the idea of a self-governing people, not ruled by a single government, monarchy,…
Virtual Assistant Philippines Office

Virtual Assistant Philippines Office | Happy New Years!

Our new office in the Philippines to serve our global clients and expand services around the clock.