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Whiteboard Wednesday Episode 13

Whiteboard Wednesday: How DREAMERS Become DOERS in 2017 S2E13

How Dreamers Become Doers | Being an Entrepreneur  Watch the replay here:   The Dreamers versus Doers The topic for today is 'How Dreamers become Doers.' This is actually part of the Inc Magazine. It has been one of the best…

Whiteboard Wednesday: What We SHOULD or SHOULD NOT Do as Entrepreneurs? S2E12

What We SHOULD or SHOULD NOT DO as Entrepreneurs  Watch the replay here: Delegation Worksheet [table] Hate,Shouldn't Do,Struggle,Value Social Posts,Expenses,Funnels,One-on-one coaching Emails,Graphics,Memberships,creating new products…
How to Do SnapChat Filters: -SnapChat for Marketing

How to Do SnapChat Filters: Snapchat for Marketing (for $18.16)

How to Start a Conversation on SnapChat with HUNDREDS of People and REACH THOUSANDS for ONLY $18.16 cents Today, I'm going to show you how to do SnapChat filters like a boss to impress hundreds if not THOUSANDS of people at your next event.…

Whiteboard Wednesday: Types of Backlinking S2E11

Types of Backlinking  Watch the replay here: What is Backlinking? Just came back from the Ultimate Stage Experience that was on Saturday. Today we're going to talk a little bit about backlinking. Backlinking is a very necessary form…

Whiteboard Wednesday: The Power of Storytelling S2E10

Storytelling | How it Relates to Business   Watch the replay here: What's Your story? This is really important in business today. Your story prepares your clients for what they should expect with regards to your business. When they…
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Whiteboard Wednesday: Podcasting Goals S2E9

Podcasting Goals Watch the replay here: 00:00:39 What is a Podcast? Podcasting is a very popular tool that industry influencers utilize. Podcasts are industry specific and vary in frequency. Also, they target different audiences as…
Whiteboard Design Process
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Whiteboard Wednesday: Whiteboard Design Process S2E8

Whiteboard Design Process Watch the replay here:   00:48:00 Other Uses of the Whiteboard Apart from the use of the whiteboard for 'Whiteboard Wednesdays', it is used for a multitude of things especially Web Design. You can use…
Space Age Sales Funnel Automation
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Whiteboard Wednesday: Space Age Sales Funnel Automation S2E7

Space Age Sales Funnel Automation Watch the replay here: 04:36:00 – What is a Lead Magnet? A lead Magnet is a free offer that websites provide to draw you in and earn your value and your trust. If you are new to Lead Magnets, then…
All Saints' Day Philippines Office

All Saints' Day: Office Closed Oct 31 & Nov 1st

Dear Valued VA Staffer Clients, In celebration of this year's All Saints’ Day, an important day in many Catholic countries, Our Philippines office will be closed on October 31st & November 1st.  Traditionally, All Saints’ Day marks…
Whiteboard Wednesday Episode 6

White Board Wednesday: The POWER of Social Media S2E6

The POWER of Social Media for Customer Support  Watch the replay of the video here: Social Media and How it Leads to SALES The power of social media for customer service is demonstrating that you have the ability to generate sales.…