Have Your VA Book You on Podcasts


Booking podcast is an effective channel for connecting with potential customers, clients, or followers. Appearing as guest can also increase brand exposure.


Specify the target audience, preferred podcast genres, and key messages you want to convey. Provide your VA with a detailed biography, talking points, and any specific requirements for podcast bookings.


VA to build a list of potential podcasts aligned with your defined criteria. This involves researching and identifying podcasts that cater to your target audience and have a format suitable for your expertise. Create a database of contact information for podcast hosts or producers.

Your VA will start looking for Podcast hosts in LinkedIn and add them in the tracker.


Managing the outreach and booking process. This includes crafting personalized pitch emails to podcast hosts, coordinating scheduling details, and maintaining a calendar of confirmed podcast appearances. Utilize email templates and scheduling tools to streamline communication and bookings.

Your VA will respond to new messages with the use of the scripts you created. Your VA will also manage the booking schedules by coordinating your avaialble time to the Podcast host.


Monitor the progress of podcast bookings regularly. Stay updated on upcoming podcast recordings to ensure proper preparation.

Your VA will track responses to outreach emails, confirmations of bookings, and any changes to the podcast schedule.


Refine the podcast booking strategy by testing different outreach approaches by making use of other Podcast platforms/websites when looking for leads and updating the podcast list based on performance.

Other Podcast Websites that can be utilized are:

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