Business Launch Kickstart: Initial Process Assessment.

Helping Entrepreneurs Like You Solve Your Most Pressing Problems

STOP - Before we operate, let's diagnose the symptoms and perform a deep analysis.

We'll spend about 90 minutes together One-on-One to review of your business processes and understand your pain points.

We'll discuss your marketing automation, advertising, sales process, inbound / outbound lead generation methods and anything else we can discover about the technology (or lack there-of) of your business..

In addition, I'll take a deep-dive into the challenges you face in your business and look to fill common business process operations with a virtual team to reduce overhead and fatigue of your in-house team.

About Jeff "J" Hunter:

Jeff is a highly sought after and internationally recognized Internet Marketing consultant and Project Manager. He is the creator of VA Staffer, a virtual assistant staffing company that provides not only automation but outsourcing for all the things you CAN'T automate.

Here's What We'll Discover During This Initial Process Assessment:

I will work with you to break down any bottlenecks and we’ll leave no stone un-turned as we evaluate what is working, what is not, what your goals are and what it will take to get you there. All calls will be recorded and sent to you along with actionable steps to optimize your business in this new-age of digital marketing.

Here's what you're getting:


What makes the best lead-generating content


"Prescriptions" For What Type of Automated Campaign Works Best To Sell Specific Products In Specific Industries.


A Review of Your Current Audience Segmentation & Interest Marketing...So You Can Automatically Give Them The Extra Info They Need And Get The Sale.


Analyze Integrations Like: Infusionsoft, HubSpot, Weber, Mailchimp, CRM, Sales Software, Prospecting, Website Captures, SEO, Social Media and More


You'll Receive the Session Recording & Complete Synopsis with Action Items

Looking Forward To Solving YOUR Pressing Issues,