Utilize A Marketing Virtual Assistant to Create a Winning Mindset

Did you know that delegating to your Marketing Virtual Assistant with a winning mindset provides 60% of the recipe for success? Needless to say, a winning mindset remains the key ingredient for what makes a great leader!  Then you must…

A Personal Virtual Assistant - Adding Extra Hours to Your Day

“You have the same number of hours in a day as Beyonce.” Let that sink in for a minute. One of the world’s highest Grammy-awarded artists has the same time restrictions that the rest of us do! Albeit, Beyonce may have millions to…

What you should and should not delegate to an Executive Virtual Assistant?

“More hours in a day.” If you asked the CEO of almost any company what they would wish for, they’d answer with “more time.” Why? Time is valuable, and as any busy CEO knows, it seems to get more and more scarce as the work stacks…

Whiteboard Wednesday: How to DELEGATE S2E4

How to DELEGATE   Watch the replay of the video below:     What is delegation? Delegation is the act of giving control, authority, a job, a duty etc. to another person. At one point in time, every one of us will be in the position…
Virtual Receptionist Software Comparison

Virtual Receptionist Software

Virtual Receptionist Software We get a lot of clients asking us about virtual receptionist software to coordinate calls with our team, so it only makes sense we do the research. No matter what industry you're in, using various Virtual…
Virtual Real Estate Assistant

Virtual Real Estate Assistant

Virtual Real Estate Assistant A Virtual Real Estate Assistant is your solution to start increasing productivity and sales. This gives you more time to take on new clients and close deals. There are many factors that prevents Real Estate…
What is Linkedin Used For

What is LinkedIn used for

Asking yourself what is linkedin used for? Learn these four strategies and purposes to develop, grow, maintain, and recruit for yourself and your business.
Virtual Executive Assistant

Virtual Executive Assistant

Virtual Executive Assistant Why do entrepreneurs nowadays struggle to grow their businesses? Because they do everything. They are the jack of all trades and they struggle to master all. Stop wasting time trying to get everything done when…
Chat Live

Chat Live | Virtual Assistant Chat!

Chat Live | Virtual Assistants On-Demand You can now Chat Live, our main focus here at VA Staffer is to ensure that our clients and new customers are happy. We want to be able always provide exceptional service to you. This is why we think…
Social Media Virtual Assistant

Why You Need A Social Media Virtual Assistant

Why You Need A Social Media Virtual Assistant Outsourcing your social media to a social media virtual assistant at VA Staffer guarantees that your social media campaign is professional, up-to-date and creative. We can help you be relevant…