Mircro Business tips with Indigo Dutton

Micro Business Tips with Indigo Ocean Dutton

I hope you're ready for some Micro Business tips today. If you've been up to date on the blogs I try to provide for VA Staffer, they're always packed with good ideas to grow your business so that you'll need us more to support you! Today…
Why Zirtual

Zirtual Back or Zirtual Bankrupt? Why a $25 dollar an hour Virtual Assistant Didn't Work

The news of Zirtual closing operations and laying off 400 employees came as a shock not only to clients and the virtual assistants, but it made a ripple in the virtual assistant business community, well at least in my office. I cannot believe…

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Small Business Naked Podcast

Small Business Naked Podcast We support Nick May and his many projects. From building his Small Business Naked Podcast, to helping him do lead generation for his Interior Design business. Small Business Naked is a great podcast site for entrepreneurs…