Lead Prospect Customer Whiteboard Wednesday

Lead Prospect Customer | Whiteboard Wednesday EP4

Welcome to Whiteboard Wednesday EP4 and today we’re going to talk about the Lead Prospect Customer. Who IS your customer? That’s really important.

Landing Page Conversion Rate: Whiteboard Wednesday Episode 3

Welcome to Whiteboard Wednesday Episode 3 where I discuss how I had a landing page conversion rate increase of 42% by changing two elements on the page.
Conversion Marketing

Conversion Marketing | What is Conversion Rate Marketing?

What is Conversion Marketing / Conversion Rate Marketing? Conversion Marketing also known as conversion rate marketing is the method you apply to take visitor traffic and convince them to take an action – like convert them into a buyer…
crm email marketing

CRM Email Marketing Integration: Whiteboard Wednesday: Episode 2

On Today's Whiteboard Wednesday we examine the importance of CRM Email Marketing integration (Customer Relationship Management). Automate or do all the work
Marketing Strategies and Tactics: Whiteboard Wednesday

Form Automation: Whiteboard Wednesday: Episode 1

Today we learn about Form Automation on our very first Whiteboard Wednesday. This is a series covering inbound marketing, automation, and CRM automation.