4 Reasons Why Your Virtual Team Needs A Virtual Project Manager_project_manager_doing_yoga

4 Reasons Why Your Virtual Team Needs A Virtual Project Manager

You got your awesome virtual team but your business just keeps on growing! That's good news, alright. But you also have upcoming big projects for your business. An online course launch, maybe? How about new customers who are excited to work…
Marketing Campaign Process

Marketing Campaign Process

When developing your Marketing Campaign Process, there are Three R's to live by. It’s the guide that will keep you on track and stop you from making poor choices in emotional moments. Recognize, Reach, Retain If you market to everyone,…
Individual Marketing Sales Funnel Blueprint

Individual Marketing | Marketing on a Personal Level

What is Individual Marketing? We at VA Staffer use the term “individual marketing" because that’s what focused marketing is about, marketing to an individual on a personal level. We help you focus marketing down to the individual buyer…

Increase Website Traffic Now

Before you can increase website traffic, you need to strategize the steps you are going to need to take in order to achieve your traffic goals. Traffic to your blog posts drives conversions. And you want people to be able to do something…

Positive Feedback Onsite Vs Offsite SEO

Positive feedback is the pinnacle of what companies are looking for when they are asking for feedback. Often, positive feedback is focused on and negative feedback is swept under the rug. In order to really help people, you need to learn…

Magic Of Helping Others With Offsite SEO

When people think about helping others, they tend to think about doing community service work. There are lots of opportunities to help out your fellow man (or woman) that may not revolve around doing non-profit work. There are many…

Offline SEO And Barriers To Communication

Barriers to communication is one of the biggest reasons projects do not get done. There are many ways to help fix these barriers, and it just takes the initiative to find these issues and fix them. When it comes to offline SEO, barriers…