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Finding Quality Online Virtual Assistants


Now here’s a popular question which demands an answer with great frequency: Where do you find quality online virtual assistants or quality virtual assistant team members? Quite frankly, the quality of online virtual assistants you need will be dependent upon your needs. Therefore the first thing you should consider before you even hire an online virtual assistant or team is, what are your needs. Perhaps the suggestions below could be useful in helping you to decide.

What are your Virtual Assistant Needs?

Bearing in mind the needs of your business, your business acumen and your personal needs, do you want to:

  • Create or Curate a blog?
  • Schedule from social media posts?
  • Create content for posts?

Or perhaps you need someone to:

  • Draft a proposal?
  • Take care of your busy work?
  • Perform data entry?
  • Do graphic designs?
  • Answer your phone?
  • Represent your business at a press conference?

In each of the above-suggested cases, the culture of your location would also play an important role in making such a decision. For example, you may need someone to assist with a press release. In such a case, someone who is native to your location would be the most suitable option. They would be able to easily fulfill that particular need. There would be no language barrier, for example, to complicate the message your business would aim to convey.

Additionally, there will be ‘impossible’ tasks which you will need to accomplish. However, they only seem impossible due to whatever limitation of, skill, ability, experience or interest. Therefore, you also need to consider the character and skill level of the individual. The online virtual assistant assigned needs to be equipped to assist you in achieving your goals for your business.

But how do you go about finding the virtual assistance which is right for you? Your selection process must be a careful one. Below are three types of online virtual assistants. You need to decide which one would best suit your needs.

Types of Online Virtual Assistants

There are three types of online virtual assistants:

The Freelancer


Perhaps you have a task which will not be recurring – you need a website built, a logo designed etc. If you hire a freelance personal assistant, then you have the options. You can shop for the best price based on what it is you wish to accomplish.

However, freelance personal assistants are actively seeking their fortune. Therefore they’re not obligated to work for you. Consequently, the freelance personal assistants are often looking out for the next big buck. As such, they can easily set your business aside in the event of a higher paying opportunity.

Therefore, ensure you utilize trusted freelance personal assistants. Also, avoid paying your total fee before your freelance personal assistant is complete with the project. Additionally, set milestones. They can set the pace towards actually completing your task while keeping you on a budget.

The Dedicated Online Virtual Assistant

This individual reports directly to you or works for an agency, but reports directly to you. That is the most common thought when one considers having an online virtual assistant. But such assistance could also be achieved on a contract basis, like an OBM (Online Business Manager). In so doing, you could source that person directly or utilize a third party agency.  

However, you must also bear in mind that this person is limited by their skill and understanding. Therefore, you would have to be willing to exercise patience and the necessary guidance. Your online virtual assistant must get familiar with your process requirements to produce worthwhile results.

Also, you must ensure that you have a plan and a course of action which you would like your online virtual assistant to follow. That way, when that person runs out of work to do, you still have work which they can take on intermittently. Otherwise, you will have an online virtual assistant who has no work to do.

The Virtual Team of Assistants

In this case, you have a pool of talented individuals. They may work for a company where they utilize their skills to provide you, the customer, with the assistance you need. You may be charged at an hourly rate or purchase a monthly retainer. Regardless the charge, you have the opportunity to utilize the talents and abilities of different team members.

The advantage in such a case is that you have a team of people behind you. They shall provide the assistance you need utilizing their individual talents. There are numerous agencies out there who offer this service, including VA Staffer.

However, the cost associated with such a team would surpass that of a dedicated virtual assistant. For example, each task you which you need accomplished would fall beneath specific categories. Each area of specialization incurs its own special rate. Also, the amount of time spent completing various tasks may be rather costly.

For more information on hiring online virtual assistants and outsourcing, Contact Us today!


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VA Staffer Update: Team Building in the Philippines 8/17-8/28

Greetings Everyone!
In less than 24 hours I’ll be on the longest stay I’ve had in the Philippines since we started VA Staffer. The trip going to be action packed, we have training, team building, and more than likely a little staff Karaoke ahead.
When we first launched our Makati office in Metro Manila area of the Philippines, it was three team members in a large three bedroom penthouse converted into an office space. Since then, we’ve grown to 10 team members in the office and now 25+ staff in total.
We’ll be conducting business as usual, although we will be mixing in some hands on training in the office with myself and others flying in from parts of the world.
Since launching our Makati HQ February of this year we have added the following:
  1. Three separate and redundant broadband internet providers with up to 24MBPS internet speeds.
  2. Tripled our staff as a whole with focus in Metro Manila and Davao.
  3. Upgraded our webserver to a dedicated server for faster integration of our website and project management tool (PMT).
  4. We’ve sent several of our staff to Inbound Marketing Certification for our new direction of internet marketing methodology support.
  5. Started implementing Social Media Dashboard solutions for our clients’ social media campaign monitoring.
With that said, we’re announcing a new client freeze as of last week in preparation and anticipation for our training activities and team-building. Some of our team building activities will involve mental, physical, and even audible activities to grow our team’s English, Teamwork, and Customer Service Relations.
First order of business will be replacing all our photos on the website with fresh current ones. our team has grown significantly, and I’m excited to showcase our talent. We have added most of our new team members to our Virtual Assistant Team page – please feel free to check out the new team members.
Thank you, and PLEASE pray for our team,
J Hunter
Virtual Assistant Dependent
VA Staffer | Virtual Assistants


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Happy 4th of July – USA Independence Day

Americans Celebrate 239 Years After the Revolution That Changed the World

Freedom is a big deal. It’s crazy to think that 239 years ago (which isn’t very long ago) the idea of a self-governing people, not ruled by a single government, monarchy, or oligarchy was considered to be extreme.

Still today around the world, it is hard for those under rulers to grasp the concept of true liberty. The global economy provides each and every one of us to showcase the empowerment freedom gives. In the USA, we’ve had a hundred year head start over fallen monarchies, and failed attempts at democracies & republics who have come and gone over the decades since.

We Should ALL Celebrate Independence Day

I invite all people to celebrate in one of the most pivotal points in the history of the world. Since the fall of the Roman Empire, yet has a people been successful to rule themselves as long as the United States of America.

In my travels around the world, and particularly in the Philippines, you can see the impact of having a free market over those with more limited markets. The Philippines is a new government – of course the country has had many challenges of the recent decades, invasions, conquest, terrorists, the government even made the mistake of granting “autonomous” regions in the southern parts where they people are allowed to let their religion rule the lands (Shariah Law) rather than the liberty to believe whatever you want or say whatever you want freely.

Don’t Take Freedom For Granted

You see, before America’s independence in July 4, 1776, you could be sentenced to death for speaking against the government. Well, people forget, that if you’re in the majority of the world today – you still can.

The Power of the Free Market in the Philippines

Freedom and Liberty is a never-ending battle, the power to pursue your goals, and have the power to create wealth as an individual through trade is something we all take for granted. We come up with innovation and technologies that are valuable to those all over the world. In the Philippines, most will never know what it’s like to own an iPhone, at a sticker price at over $1200 dollars in the Philippines. Even today in agricultural, non-metro areas of the Philippines the minimum wage is about $5 dollar a day, and in Metro areas like Makati City it’s about $10 dollars a day.

Now with the lease alone for our Penthouse in Makati it’s over 120 times the daily salary of the Metro Filipino. We’re an open company here, it’s no surprise that we’re paying much more than the minimum wage there in the Philippines. Most of our team supports not just their own family, but multiple generations of their family.

With the increasing internet bandwidth, the Filipinos have an international market where being a Virtual Assistant is more valuable. Working with us here in the USA, UK, Australia and other countries around the world with rising labor costs, it’s no surprise the Filipinos are taking the opportunity to step in and offer to do it for a great price, and take the time to develop and educate themselves. The Philippines people have voted to make English the national language, and while Tagalog is the mostly spoken language of many there, English is the common denominator that sets the youth apart from the past generations.

Filipinos LOVE American Culture

I’ve never seen as many American Flag T-Shirts or other apparel as the times I spent in the Mall of Asia browsing the many shops over the past two years in downtown Manila. They have every store you can imagine there, and the people’s median income is rising drastically due to the quality of labor in the Philippines with the cost of off shoring.

America must embrace the global economy and use the market to spread freedom around the world to empower those with opportunities to have amazing partnerships. I’ve been fortunate enough to develop such great relationships with my friends in the Philippines, and provide great services at Virtual Assistant Staffer that businesses really need to grow, but can’t afford to hire someone in-house to do.

The Benefits of Philippines and American Partnerships

You know, I get questioned a lot over the years about how we’re “hurting American jobs” working with overseas staff. That couldn’t be farther from the truth – I have dozens of business owners we help today that have testified that they couldn’t have afforded to grow their business without the help of our team.

What Does This Have to Do with the American Independence Day?

As we bask in the sun, blowing up stuff, doing all the ceremonial things that make us forget the real reason behind our independence – we must at some point realize that Freedom is the core essential component behind our success. Without it, we wouldn’t have the ability to create amazing content, products and services that provide value to our clients, our customers, and our readers.

Our team of 20 in the Philippines are the bread winners for their families, most have the highest income of their family, the demographic is about 70% female, mostly moms that can’t go to work at a “place” because they’ve got responsibilities at home. In an age where women go to college, and are more educated than their male counterparts (much like the USA), we’re able to provide amazing Stay-At-Home jobs for about 70% of our workforce. The others work in an amazing Makati Penthouse that I’m excited to stay in with my wife when I come to visit in August for most of the month.

This would not be doable without a free economy, this would not be doable without the freedom to dream, to achieve, and to work without boundaries in the cloud.

I wish you all a very safe, happy, and prosperous fourth of July.

God Bless,

J Hunter

VA Staffer Founder & Social Entrepreneur


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Sales Virtual Assistant – Find New Business

Virtual Sales Assistant:
GROW Your Business

I added a new page on the site adding a new service we’ve been requested over and over. Lead generation  – the act of us helping you find people interested in your products and services. It’s in high demand with our clients, and it’s no wonder why.

Check out the new service page here: https://vastaffer.com/virtual-sales-assistant

How would you like to wake up on a Monday morning and have a list of a few hundred people to call? Better yet, how would you like us to help manage your Linkedin account and connect with people directly in your target market?

We can send emails, direct message, or even send a tweet to someone looking for your products and services.

Got a clunky Customer Relationship Management database full of stale leads? Why don’t you let us send out a final email to fish for some final opportunities before having us clean out your database.

Happy Hunting! (Easter Egg hunting of course!)


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Social Media Virtual Assistant

What is a Social Media Virtual Assistant?

A Social Media Virtual Assistant can help you build your presence on Social Media networks to develop your brand, and connect with real people directly to their handheld devices. Never before in the history of the world has a business been able to connect so closely with people anywhere in the world.

Backdrop on Social Media.

Although social media was once thought to be a fad, it has become clear that it’s a critical aspect of business marketing. In fact, social media isn’t just an important aspect, it’s stated as the number one aspect in marketing by 86% of business marketers (Read more: Social Media Examiner 2013 End of Year Report). 89% of marketers also stated in this same report that increased exposure is the largest benefit of social media marketing. Just one of the many things that virtual assistants can do for your business.

Using a Social Media Virtual Assistant to implement a social media marketing method can result in:

  • Increased traffic and a chance to go viral
  • Developing loyal fans
  • Generating leads
  • Improving SEO
  • Developing partnerships
  • Reduced marketing expenses
  • Improved sales

Building Google page rank authority and much more.

The only trouble with social media marketing is that it has a high learning curve. So while it may be less expensive when utilizing, it may take more time to break into this strategy.

You can also learn more about our DONE-FOR-YOU Social media virtual assistant plans here

Meet the Social Media Virtual Assistant

To bypass the difficulty and time associated with getting started in social, businesses employ the help of a social media virtual assistant. Using virtual assistants for such marketing is great because they are not only familiar with all of the social networks and marketing techniques associated with them, but also with unifying social marketing across all networks to maximize conversion rates and customer acquisition. Click the infographic below to see the impact Social Media has.

Using a Social Media Virtual Assistant is a little known strategy because just like social media was once seen as a fad, so is this strategy. Marketers look at all the spam on social networks today and attribute it to all to virtual assistants and their social media campaigns. This isn’t a good view because in reality virtual assistants only choose the marketing routes which their employers choose.

For example: at VA Staffer our virtual assistants are ready to identify customers and clients, engage with them in conversation, establish the brand, learn and listen to opinions, and define marketing objectives. We can spam if that’s what the project requires but typically we work with businesses that have a social media marketing plan, or businesses that want us to build one for them.

When executed properly a social media virtual assistant can boost sales and fans to new company records, but when social media is done right it can do all of this and much more without being nearly as expensive.


Our team can save you a ton of time and energy that can be better spent elsewhere. 

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Backlink Building Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant Backlink Building:

Using a Virtual Assistant to Increase the ever elusive Google Page Rank.

[av_dropcap1]A[/av_dropcap1]ll website owners strive for higher page rank to be on top of the search results. Backlink building can be the most effective way to start building credibility with Google and other search engines. You put together content marketing strategies, use search engine optimization (SEO), and are active on social media, all in an attempt to increase your Google Page Rank. What makes it more difficult is that we mere mortals don’t know exactly what factors go into determining page rank. Google’s algorithm changes with every update, so just when we’re figuring out what really works, we’re back to square one!

One contributing factor that we are aware of is authority. Authority is the sum total of a bunch of parts-some of which are social media presence, current, relevant, fresh content on your website, and the number of inbound links that point to your site. These inbound links, called backlinks, can be some of the easiest to manage, and therefore a pretty quick way to help build your authority with Google, and increase your page rank.

What is Virtual Assistant Backlink Building?

Simply put, backlink building is a linking to your site, from outside of your site also known as external. The best kind of backlink building is when someone mentions your site within content on their site, and that mention carries even more weight if it comes from someone who has a higher authority than you do. However, any backlink building will improve your Page Rank. Using a Virtual Assistant to do this saves you valuable time to focus on the important aspects of your business while your VA scours the internet on other websites telling the world (and Google) about yours.

What is the Process of Backlink Building?

Backlink building is the process of inserting your site link onto directories so that you have some of these valuable inbound links in place. Backlink building can also include sending emails to webmasters, asking for links on their site, often in exchange for a link on your site, called a reciprocal link. This is a mutually beneficial relationship, as it gives both of you a valuable backlink. Even if one or both of you is just getting started, the backlink is beneficial to both of you. As the more established site owner continues to grow, his authority will contribute to the authority of the newer website owner. It’s a chain reaction that can help both website owners for years to come.

Now, don’t discount the importance of On-Page SEO, if you haven’t seen our Search Engine Optimization How-To read it here.

[av_dropcap1]O[/av_dropcap1]f course, this process can be time consuming. Also, you’ve got the operations of your business to be worrying about, and it’s important that you keep yourself free for the more important aspects of running that business. Backlink building is one of those activities that is perfect for a virtual assistant to handle. It’s certainly not a task that requires a full time employee, but it may not be something that you have the time to do either. A virtual assistant can be hired on an as-needed basis to handle that task. In a few hours each week, a virtual assistant can build several valuable website backlinks.

4 Quick SEO Benefits of a Virtual Assistant

Internal Backlinks

Use your VA to go through your content already on your site, and link to different articles related to your content. This will keep your audience engaged and flowing to other pages.

External Backlinks

Your VA can go to other websites and tell others about your website with specific SEO Keywords.

SEO Keywords

Maybe you don’t even know where to start with keywords, you can have your virtual assistant do keyword research to find valuable words to rank for your business.

SEO Friendly Blog Formatting

Having the best written copy in the world won’t do much unless you follow the guidelines that search engines use to determine the quality of your blog and relevancy to it’s searchers.

Building backlinks can be one of the easiest ways to contribute to your authority. While it can take some time, assigning this task to a virtual assistant can take some of that burden off of you, leaving you available to focus on other tasks that are also important, like social media presence. The bonus to good website backlink building is that, unlike social media presence or fresh content, once they’re in place, you don’t have to continually work on them. Taking the time to build a good base means that later you can spend just a few hours a month adding new ones. Overall, putting website backlinks in place is a great way to help build your authority and add virtual pagerank to website popularity.


Our team can save you a ton of time and energy that can be better spent elsewhere. 

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Virtual Assistant Software: Top 12 Tools

Virtual Assistant Software:
Top Tools

Virtual Assistant Software is an absolute MUST when it comes to managing your virtual teams. “A chain is no stronger than its weakest link;” that’s a saying we all have heard and know to be true. This saying also applies to teams that collaborate remotely or even locally. One of the common questions I get from our clients is about virtual assistant tools to help them work together with their virtual assistant more efficiently.

No matter how professional your team and managers are, maximum efficiency can’t be achieved while having weak links in the system. The most recurring weak link we’ve observed with virtual assistant management is communication. However, we’re not referring to communication skills or promptness, we’re referring to the technical aspects of collaboration. If the software powering the collaboration system is weak, then so will all of the communication that goes through it.

Why Virtual Assistant Tools Are Essential

Consider this for example: a manager and five virtual assistants collaborate daily on projects by emailing each other updates, files, and work. Hundreds of emails are created within months with this system. The shocking thing is that a simple server error can wipe all of the work that has been shared through these emails. Not to mention that if an employee needs to access something, they have to search through hundreds of emails to find it.

Emailing updates and work is great example of perfect virtual assistant team communication skills. On the other hand, it’s also a perfect example of an inefficient system which has many flaws, and is a weak link for the entire system.

The Top Virtual Assistant Software:


Aweber is king for email marketing and automation. Many people are drawn into MailChimp because… (drumroll) it’s free. Aweber isn’t free it’s $19.99 a month, but the features it offers is absolutely stand-out, like their powerful mobile app:

Not only does aweber capture email addresses with online forms, which is essential in building your email lists, but it also has the best auto-responder sequencing and logic out there. There are many stages in sales funnels (if you’re doing inbound marketing correctly) – and keeping track of your leads / customers throughout these stages is tedious. Enter Aweber email marketing, where you can not only send newsletters to your subscribers, but you can also send timed emails in sequential order. This is critical since in my experience it can take up to 7 (or more) emails to convert a subscriber to a customer. Aweber also can unsubscribe people from a list when they sign-up for another list – this logic is critical for moving people from one stage to the next. One thing that’s also great is you can separate different lists for any reason. Having many ventures, products, services, even companies are not a problem with Aweber.

Social Warfare – The Best Social Media  Tool for WordPress

Definitely the sexiest social sharing plugin for wordpress, Social Warfare allows your visitors to share your content in many ways. Not only does it support a huge variety of social networks (see image).

Don’t think that’s impressive enough? It also supports floating sharing icons – no, not the corny ones you see flying around annoyingly on websites (although if configured it can do that too) but it does intelligent floating.

Example: You have a blog, on the top of the blog in a fixed position it shows your chosen networks to share, and as the visitor reads the blog lower it actually turns into a floating bar that is very classy and clean (check out example from our website here).

Not only does it have attractive buttons, but it also has a great “click-to-tweet” feature which gives you the ability to actually share bits of your content. Check this out below:

Lastly, Social Warfare has 3 key features that we love using personally here at VA Staffer:

  1. It has content protection built-in, so people can’t use your content and add their crappy javascript over it (like the very controversial “Snip.ly” content hijacking software)
  2. Include Social Buttons in Shortcode so you can just put in some share buttons where you think is a good spot or topic.
  3. It adds social proof to your site, but even better – it has a minimum level of share, so it won’t show if you have 1 or 2 shares, that’s negative social proof. We have ours set at 10, so we don’t even show shares  until it reaches that threshold (super valuable for smaller businesses or new blogs).

Try out Social Warfare here. It’s definitely a must.

SEM Rush | Search Engine Optimization tool

SEM Rush is an amazing tool that allows you to spy on your competition, research valuable keywords for both your on-page / onsite SEO (Search Engine Optimization) along with paid PPC (Pay per click) advertising campaigns. One thing that’s put SEM Rush on our list of amazing tools is that they just launched the branded reporting so now you can use it to track your client’s website progress, prepare a competitive analysis, and of course analyze your own website. They also have campaigns, with landing page ideas for keywords related to them.

Check out SEM Rush here.



HOOTSUITE Social Media Platform

Using a Social media management platform can save you time. More importantly for companies or virtual assistants that maintain a presence on multiple social networks like Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. Hootsuite stands out from the competition when it comes to the ability to bulk schedule posts that can really save you time.

Other software and platforms share similar productivity, like being able to schedule posts, add photos and/or videos.

We use Hootsuite to manage many of our client’s social media accounts.

Check out Hootsuite Here > http://hootsuite.com

Get Response

Get Response is one of the leaders in email marketing. It has a more intuitive email maker than Aweber, and it’s very similar to Mailchimp on ease of use. It has some of the best automation out there, only outmatched by Conversion Marketing 101 (disclaimer: our own email marketing software). Get Response also has a fully intuitive CRM system that can handle any drip email campaign with ease.

Try out Get Response here.


LastPass makes it easy for virtual assistants and managers to save and share passwords for accounts. If the manager wants to share a password but not allow the virtual assistants to view the password itself, they can do so with LastPass. Passwords can also be shared fully so that the recipient of the password sharing can view and use the password.

Using this program is more secure than just saving passwords in word documents, because LastPass actually encrypts passwords with a master password. This program works on Mac and Windows, but also has Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and Blackberry apps.

LastPass is free but can be upgrade to the Premium Plan for $12 a year. We use it religiously with our clients, – check out LastPass here.


DocuSign is like the standard in online signatures. If you’re working with clients, you’re more than likely going to need them to sign a contract. Docusign also has a mobile app, saves you the hassle of printing, faxing, and waiting for the mail. It can be used for businesses of all sizes for the small business, to the enterprise company – it integrates with almost everything from SalesForce, Microsoft Office, Google and even Apple. Try DocuSign Free Here


This online service allows teams to communicate, assign tasks, share work, and update each other with ease. activeCollab is what we use at VA Staffer to communicate amongst our team and our clients.
For teams with five members or less, Redbooth is Free. For teams with more than five members, they will have to pay $5 a user a month.

activeColalb also provides team members with file storage and management solutions, and github repositories can be integrated. This storage system makes it easy for virtual assistants to upload their files in a place where they will remain securely for future access.

Learn More about activeCollab here


Dropbox is a cloud storage service which allows users to store up 2-5GB of files for free. This storage service integrates with Mac and Windows file management as well, so uploading things is simple. Not to mention that with a simple right click, a user can share files with other virtual assistants or their managers.
Dropbox is perfect for storing and sharing Excel Spreadsheets, images, and other documents.
Upgrading to the Pro plan that costs $9.99 a month will boost the storage limit to 100GB. Businesses can also purchase the Business Plan which lets a manager add 5+ users to the business account and store 100GB+ of files. Goto Dropbox here

Google Docs

This free service allows teams to create and edit documents in real-time. Virtual assistants and their managers can use Google Docs to create spreadsheets, word documents, forms, presentations, and diagrams.
A group chat also allows team members to communicate while working on documents at the same time.

Google Docs? If you don’t know where it is, then click here.

Dasheroo – Social Media Dashboard

Dasheroo is awesome – it made our list revised 9/19/2015 because it is a must-have for people that NEED data (which is everyone). Imagine having your Facebook, Twitter, Paypal, Stripe, Aweber, Mailchimp, Linkedin, and SOO much more. All in one place.

Learn more about >> Dasheroo Here <<


This program makes it easy for virtual assistant managers to connect to virtual assistants’ computers remotely in order to teach them new tasks. Using AnyDesk, virtual assistants and managers can also share live presentations.

Although AnyDesk is free for anyone to use, businesses can buy the Business Version for  about 65 bucks a year.

We use AnyDesk not only amongst the team, but to connect to client computers to help them. We also use it to watch their screen as they show us instructions for tasks they’d like us to do for them. Check out AnyDesk here.


GroupMe is a free group messaging service which works on every device ranging from iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Blackberry to Mac OSX, Windows, and Linux. This was recently picked up by Microsoft
Virtual assistants and their managers can chat in real-time using this app when appropriate from any device they have access to. Virtual assistants don’t even need to install this app on their device or log into the web version to use it. The members in the group chat that don’t have the app will simply be texted the messages happening inside the app.

Try Group Me here.


Kanban Tool

This tool is designed to increase team performance by providing all members with a visual project management solution.
Tasks are broken down into to-do, waiting for approval, to be worked on next, currently working on, review, and done. This allows virtual assistants to assign tasks and then for virtual assistants to accept them, complete them, and then mark their work for review.
Tasks are broken down into projects, so there is plenty of flexibility with multiple teams and project goals. Not to mention that Dropbox documents and Google Drive files can also be attached to tasks.
Kanban Tool offers a 14-day free trial but after that it costs $5 per user per month. The advanced Enterprise plan which costs $9 per user per month also offers time tracking and reporting.

Check out Kanban Tool here.


This service is arguably the most powerful team collaboration software available anywhere. It is a little expensive, starting at $20 a month for 10 projects and 3GB of space, going up to $150 a month for unlimited projects and 100GB of space, but it’s highly worth it.
Basecamp offers project and task management, calendars, and progress reports. Not to mention the ability to create discussions, share files, set due-dates, and create Text Documents that can be commented on.
Basecamp is perfect for virtual assistant managers and teams that include more than two members. The great thing about this service is that it is available on all operating systems, including iOS and Android.

At VA Staffer we utilize state-of-the-art collaboration software that ensures there are no weak links in our systems. We would like to share these tools with you so that you may use them with your team as well. These tools will manage everything from task management to file collaboration, so that you and your team can get the efficient results you require.

Try the almighty basecamp here.


Hubstaff allows virtual assistant managers to track the time it takes virtual assistants to accomplish tasks. Screenshots of virtual assistants’ screens, as well as other reports and timelines, are also shared with the manager in real-time.
The free trial gives you 14 days to see if it’s worth while, while the Standard ($5 a month a user) price allows unlimited employees in blocks of 5 users.

This program is great for managers because they can track the efficiency of their virtual assistants to know exactly how their money is being spent on tasks. Virtual assistants also benefit from this program because if they are proficient at getting tasks done, their manager will be able to see that and know that they are professionals which should be hired again. Check out www.hubstaff.com


Our team can save you a ton of time and energy that can be better spent elsewhere. 

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Virtual Recruiting Assistant

Virtual Recruiting Assistant

A Virtual Recruiting Assistant can benefit businesses of all sizes, because unlike hiring local staff, virtual ones are not limited by distance or skills. While this may be convenient for businesses it is also inconvenient because many businesses have to essentially hire someone – to help hire someone. This takes up a lot of time and money hiring someone inhouse to manage job listings and screening applicants.

A Virtual Recruiting Assistant can help manage your job postings, screen valid candidates to meet criteria that you provide, and even conduct initial conversations via phone/email to verify validity of a candidate. Our Virtual Recruiting Assistant can even work with you to screen backgrounds, job references and do some research on claims in resumes. Our staff is highly specialized to handle your Recruiting needs in a virtual market where most find it difficult to navigate. There are hundreds of thousands of virtual assistants available around the world with various skills, various pay rates ranging from $1 to $500 an hour, and many different forms of degrees and educational certifications.

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Real Estate Virtual Assistant (REVA)

 Real Estate Virtual Assistant (REVA) is the right choice for you to streamline your tasks and grow your real estate business. As a business owner, it is very important to determine “what your time is worth” – whether you can afford to spend hours in non-core, routine tasks or is it more important to spend time with your clients to grow your business? It goes without saying that you have to delegate your tasks so that you can focus more on core business operations that inevitably drive more revenues.

Advantages of Hiring a Real Estate Virtual Assistant:

In today’s competitive environment, real estate agents feel the time crunch, busy dealing with clients and selling more properties. No wonder, they have turned to outsourcing a major part of their administrative work to professional virtual assistants. They have vast experience in handling diverse administrative operations of the business, right from taking care of bulk paperwork, feeding information into the MLS, contract-to-close duties, and much more. Thus, they enable you to focus on more important and core business areas, improving overall productivity that can be leveraged in growing your operations and handling more clients effectively. Our team can manage your real estate assistant software so you can focus on closing deals.

Common Tasks for a Real Estate Virtual Assistant:

Here is just a glimpse of how Real Estate Virtual Assistants can help you grow your business:

  • Handling bulk paperwork and document creation
  • Listing real estate properties on different platforms such as newspapers, Internet, Yellow Pages, Craigslist, etc.
  • Sending emails to clients and getting their feedback
  • Contact management – It is an integral part of the real estate business. A Real Estate Virtual Assistant is the best choice to manage your contacts and build strong relations
  • Creating and implementing effective action plans for your real estate business
  • Feeding accurate and up-to-date information on MLS
  • Social media management for creating a competitive edge. They will help you in building a strong and engaging social profile to attract business
  • Copywriting services such as blog posts, sales letter, articles, newsletter, direct mail, web pages, and much more
  • Increased time and productivity – By delegating administrative, non-core operations to a competent Real Estate Virtual Assistant you have more time to spend with your valuable clients.
  • Increased profits – Have Real Estate Virtual Assistants handle your essential, yet repetitive tasks. Gaining your time back will allow you to focus on what drives the business – your clients!
  • A Real Estate Virtual Assistant can manage your real estate assistant software and offload your time consuming work.

Real Estate Assistant Software

It goes without saying that a Real Estate Virtual Assistant has become imperative to improve the productivity of many businesses. Real Estate is a very competitive market and it can seem at times that there are not enough hours in the day. This is true, and help us regain your time so you can focus on your clients.


Our team can save you a ton of time and energy that can be better spent elsewhere. 

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