Whiteboard Wednesday: The Power of Storytelling S2E10

Storytelling | How it Relates to Business   Watch the replay here: What's Your story? This is really important in business today. Your story prepares your clients for what they should expect with regards to your business. When they…
Whiteboard Design Process
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Whiteboard Wednesday: Whiteboard Design Process S2E8

Whiteboard Design Process Watch the replay here:   00:48:00 Other Uses of the Whiteboard Apart from the use of the whiteboard for 'Whiteboard Wednesdays', it is used for a multitude of things especially Web Design. You can use…
Space Age Sales Funnel Automation
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Whiteboard Wednesday: Space Age Sales Funnel Automation S2E7

Space Age Sales Funnel Automation Watch the replay here: 04:36:00 – What is a Lead Magnet? A lead Magnet is a free offer that websites provide to draw you in and earn your value and your trust. If you are new to Lead Magnets, then…
Whiteboard Wednesday Episode 6

White Board Wednesday: The POWER of Social Media S2E6

The POWER of Social Media for Customer Support  Watch the replay of the video here: Social Media and How it Leads to SALES The power of social media for customer service is demonstrating that you have the ability to generate sales.…

Whiteboard Wednesday: Influencers Vs. Followers S2E5

Influencers Vs. Followers Watch the replay of the video below: WHY is this important? If you are a business owner and no one knows about your business or your product, then basically whatever you do is worthless. Who are you going…

Whiteboard Wednesday: How to DELEGATE S2E4

How to DELEGATE   Watch the replay of the video below:     What is delegation? Delegation is the act of giving control, authority, a job, a duty etc. to another person. At one point in time, every one of us will be in the position…

Whiteboard Wednesday: SEO Blogging Tips S2E3

SEO Blogging Tips  Watch the replay of the video below: SEO means Search Engine Optimization It means that you're writing so that google reads your page and recognizes that you're putting out valuable content. The content will be…
Whiteboard Wednesday: Credibility & Clients

Whiteboard Wednesday: Credibility & Clients S2E1

Today is our LAUNCH of Whiteboard Wednesday on Facebook live. The topic today is Credibility & Clients. Get ready as we venture into our first ever LIVE!
Whiteboard Wednesdays

Whiteboard Wednesdays coming to FACEBOOK LIVE - This WEDNESDAY 7PM

Well, it's been since the end of 2015 since Whiteboard Wednesdays were in existence. If you haven't already signed up to get notified when I'm live Wednesday for the "Rebirth" of #WhiteboardWednesdays then get on it now:…
Lead Prospect Customer Whiteboard Wednesday

Lead Prospect Customer | Whiteboard Wednesday EP4

Welcome to Whiteboard Wednesday EP4 and today we’re going to talk about the Lead Prospect Customer. Who IS your customer? That’s really important.