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Whiteboard Wednesday: Space Age Sales Funnel Automation S2E7

Space Age Sales Funnel Automation

Space Age Sales Funnel Automation

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04:36:00 – What is a Lead Magnet?

A lead Magnet is a free offer that websites provide to draw you in and earn your Value and your trust. If you are new to Lead Magnets, then you should start by doing a Space Age Sales Funnel Automation.

04:36:00 – Why is it so important to earn your trust?

First of all Business is about Relationships. It’s about People, it’s about trust. You are not gonna give your money to somebody if you don’t trust that person. It’s the same exact way in Marketing. You want to provide Quality service to somebody or want a quality service to be provided to you but you wanna make sure that both ends of that relationship are trusted. And by doing that, you make sure that the Value perceived on those sides is High. If I’m paying you a $100 to do something, then I would expect that the Value that comes back is a $100 or more. People love to get more Value than what they pay for. That’s the Joy of the Capitalist’s Society. We always try to get the better deal and that actually equals everything out of the system. It’s a really interesting Dilemma.

05:50:00 – Types of Lead Magnets

A Lead Magnet is usually a Downloadable PDF, a free trial, a free book Download, a couple Chapters of a Book, a first video of a Training Series.

07:26:00 – Information on the 7 Lead Magnets with 3 Opt-in’s

People will optin thinking they are getting only 1 guide but they actually get 7. Each one of these lead magnets are cool by themselves.

08:44:00 – Information on VA Staffer Social

VA Staffer Social is something like Hootsuite but it has it’s own visual composer and content research built in. It’s also Fremium, free for all. You can upgrade for $12/ month. Upgrades give you access to more templates, add more streams, adding unlimited accounts with Statistics etc.,

09:54:00 what a free Lead Magnet Funnel looks like?

You’ve got a free offer, a free download of sorts. And then you say “Hey, is this valuable enough to give me your name and email address and possibly a phone number? If it is valuable enough and it fits a need, If you’re giving them something that they want, then they’re gonna give you the information that you want to download a PDF, a free trial, to download a video in your training series.

10:27:00 – So what happens after that you subscribe?

Typically, you would subscribe. You would have an email automation send you a confirmation to make sure you have a legitimate email and depending on where you live, its a law you need to have a Double Opt-in in some countries, Canada is one of those and what ends up happening is, they either send you an email with that Goodie Bag or they send you to a page where you download that PDF with that Free Offer or an access code to a video or a link.  That usually is what a Lead Magnet Funnel is.

11:16:00 What do they do with this Information?

The information can go into a CRM like:

There are tons of Customer Relationship management tools out there. You just need to figure which one suits your needs and budget.

11:28:00 How I am gonna incorporate my 7 Lead Magnets in to the 3 Opt-in Sales Funnel?

I’m doing something called a “Bonus Give Away – All Guides”. So this is a 7 lead give away and all I’m doing here is they are downloading 1  and I’m gonna give them a video talking about the Value of each of my Guides. All my 7 Lead Magnets are incorporated in the Landing Page with a “Download All” button. Now they actually can’t download any of those offers on that second step. Step 1 is they opt-in, they put in their information in to get a download. They’re gonna confirm their email etc., Then step 2 they are gonna get a video of me explaining the value of what they’re gonna get, the Goal is to build more trust with People. So they click on the Download All button, it takes them to the Media/Resource Download Page.

11:48:00 – How do I track the downloads?

If you are using your software correctly like I am, you can do site tracking to find out which one’s get downloaded the most and see what the best offers you have.

15:50:00 The Second Offer in the 3 Step Opt-In

On the Download Page, I introduce the Fremium Version of the VA Staffer Social Media scheduling software and “Our Done for you SEO Package”. With the VA Staffer Social, you can schedule your posts all at once and in advance. Social Media takes so much of your time so if you can Automate that or VA Staffer Social App can take care of that for you. Introduce the Space Age Sales Funnel Automation to your business and watch it grow while building the trust of people along the way.



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