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We recruit, hire, manage and train the world's brightest Virtual Assistants so you can finally work ON your business, not IN your business.

Supercharge your productivity and annihilate administrative bottlenecks with a Virtual Assistant powered by Artificial Intelligence.

Dennis Yu

Chief Technology

Officer — BlitzMetrics

’’Jeff is not only the KING of outsourcing,
he is one of the most decent, intelligent human beings I know. A lot of people make promises & this guy comes through and delivers.’’


We staff businesses of all sizes with vetted and trained Virtual Assistants.

STEP 1 : Schedule a Strategy Call

STEP 2 : Meet with a Client Success Advocate to strategize what to delegate.

STEP 3 : Get matched based on your specific needs

The "new normal" of hiring virtual assistants...

Time Freedom

Focus On Growth

Scale Effectively

Leverage a Virtual Assistant To Make More Profit and Scale Your Business In The Next 30 Days.

Virtual Assistant Services

How we can support your business.

1. Prospecting Leads

Our Virtual Assistants can fill your pipeline with highly-qualified leads for your business through our proven and tested process.

  • Search: names of people who have key positions (a.k.a. Decision makers) in the company
  • Scour: their company website and use special tools to determine email addresses or phone numbers.
  • Send: personalized preliminary communication to newly connected prospects.

2. Executive Assistance

Eliminate the overwhelm by hiring a personal executive assistant who can work in your preferred hours to tackle the day together.

  • Manage: your calendar and be your gate-keeper.
  • Sort: emails and prioritize your inbox.
  • Attend: your meetings to take notes.

3. Content Repurposing

Being omnipresent is not so far-fetched when you have a VA who can take care of repurposing your pillar content to be distributed to different platforms.

  • Post: your content on multiple social media channels.
  • Create: quote images & video clips from your content.
  • Leverage: your content to create an evergreen strategy.

4. Social Media Management

The most powerful, yet FREE, marketing avenue to have ever existed is social media. It’s there, ready for the taking, and all you need to do is to create content and SHOW UP.

Our virtual assistants can:

  • Schedule: your content across all social media networks.
  • Engage: with your audience and reply to comments.
  • Moderate: your Facebook group.
  • Track: your KPI’s, so you can assess what type of content performs well.
  • Provide: customer service and support.

5. AI Powered Virtual Assistants

AI Powered Social Media Content Generation

  • Post Ideas
  • Post Writing/Creation
  • Instagram Captions
  • Twitter Posts
  • Linkedin Posts
  • Short form and Long form posts

AI Powered Copywriting

  • Email
  • Landing Page
  • Slide Decks

AI Powered Customer Service

  • SOP Creation
  • Customer Service Response Generation

The secret weapon behind 6 and 7-figure companies:

High-Caliber Virtual Assistants


Virtual Assistants


Active Clients


Year of Service

You know what they say in real estate: “location, location, location”

But when scaling your business, there’s no other way but to

“Delegate, delegate, delegate”

  • Love your business again as you let go of time-consuming tasks that suck your mental bandwidth.
  • Focus on CEO level responsibilities that lead to business growth.
  • Increase revenue by leveraging the time and expertise of remote professionals.
  • Let the VA’s run your business even when you’re on vacation with your family [in the French Riviera].
  • Literally, be the boss (no longer a glorified employee) in your own company

Be the visionary, the growth strategist, the brand ambassador of your business...

Make the brave decision of hiring people who can replace you (in a good way).

Let go of several micro tasks that prevent you from doing higher-level CEO responsibilities.

Choose VA Staffer to fill your needs for scalable remote talent.

Your Little Secret To Scale Like Savage.

What our clients say.

PS. We've helped hundreds

of over-achievers like you.

Everything has been working out great. Jenny is awesome! She not only does a great job of keeping me on track with a lot of projects, she also takes initiative to get past obstacles. I'm extremely happy with how things are going with Jenny.

Mark Shilensky

Founder - NoHypeMedia.com

We are really really happy with Camille so far and feel she is already an integral member of our team. She seems to be able to do any task we give her, even if she needs to do a little research, and her response and turnaround times are great, communication is great, etc. She's still learning certain tasks and pieces of our business, but it's going great.

Alex Dunks

COO / Co-Founder Pure and Simple Wellness

Jeff is not only the KING of outsourcing, he is one of the most decent, intelligent human beings I know. A lot of people make promises– this guy comes through and delivers. I’ve had the honor of working with Jeff and his amazing team in multiple locations and countries. Jeff never misses a detail

Layenne is amazing at supporting our customers, with actually understanding our products and how to best recommend them, in supporting the rest of the VA team, being proactive about areas where we could use improvement in our SOPs and just being all -around wonderful. We are grateful for her.

Ariele Myers

Wisdom of the Womb - Founder & CEO

Jhan is not only covering these initial challenges that we needed to complete, but is now assisting us on updating our systems as we roll out new financial controls, product offerings, and diversification of the business.

Sam Sakievich

Entrepreneur, Founder - Ecommerce Things

Jonjie has literally taken me from sending a weekly podcast email and posting the blog (idea for 6+ months)... to him taking action and needing like less than 10 min per week of my input for him to do it. So… something we didn't do for 6+ months, to 10 min per week. Life changing.

Roberto Candelaria

Partnership and Profit Strategist, CEO & Co-Founder Ready To Propel

We've been able to grow our teacher training program three-fold.

Ed Madison, Ph.D.

Associate Professor/Media Partnerships Manager

Incredible. First time after many failed Va services that you all guided us to what we NEEDED and how to use the service to best support our business.

Scott D Watier, DC, B.Sc.

Co-creator of Fasting For Life

Get out of your own way...

As the Chief Growth Officer at VA Staffer, I enable high-performers with virtual assistants & remote teams so that they can get more done every day -- and still have time for themselves!

We’ve figured out what methods and strategies work best for high-performing entrepreneurs like you, and it’s become a seamless process to give people a renewed sense of time and freedom.

So if you find yourself working alone, buried in the day-to-day of your business…

Or if you aren’t fully utilizing the systems that you’ve put in place…

Why not increase the time you spend on moving the money needle while your virtual assistant handles the rest (email marketing, invoice management, social media management, lead generation, etc.)?

You might feel a bit guilty at first - handing over the work you’re used to doing yourself, but remember…

The secret of highly productive people is that they don’t do everything themselves.

When you finally decide to delegate your tasks to our well-vetted Virtual Assistants, you will:

Reduce overhead, increase productivity & get your time back.

You can do it all, but you don’t have to do it all yourself!