Arne Giske.

Arne Giske is a course creator, traveler, & digital product launch agency owner who leads The Millennial Entrepreneur Community with over 80,000 young members around the globe.

About Arne Giske.

Arne Giske helps entrepreneurs grow & monetize FB groups!

He's all about community building, business building, travel, and using social media for IMPACT!

He's founder of Community & Conversions, co-founder of Group Funnels, and author of "7 Steps To Monetize A Group"

The #1 challenge that Arne Giske faced

  • Underutilizing my team
  • Didn't have a lot of the right systems in place
  • Not focused on growing my skills and my team’s
  • Not being able to step in my role
  • Not finding creative ways to grow the company
  • Slowing everyone on the team down daily

We support his growing company

What Arne Giske has delegated to our team.

As a digital marketer and serial entrepreneur - the days are never long enough, and that's why he has us.

Arne flew out to strategize with Jeff J Hunter & the VA Staffer team about how to help scale his business.

Tasks delegated :

  • Re-posting past content to social media, podcast, and Youtube channel
  • Customer support via email/helpdesk
  • Facebook groups (Engagement)
  • Facebook groups (Member Request Approval)
  • Taking notes on meetings with the team & clients
  • Creating A Survey In Airtable
  • Facebook groups (Posts Request Approval)
  • Slide design for course creation, webinars, presentations, and workbooks
  • Learning the ins and outs of our different softwares
  • Creating SOPs
  • Data input

Arne Giske

CEO of The Millennial Entrepreneur Community

How this has helped Arne Giske.

“Knowing that we have all our basic to-dos handled daily gives so much peace of mind. When I log in for the day and see our clients are being responded to, our posts are done for the day already, and 0 open support tickets, I know I can focus on the bigger picture projects as the CEO - not on the minutia as a fire extinguisher.”

Results & Numbers.

The secret to highly productive people is the freedom to do what you need.





Request Approval


Posts Request




Social Media


Re-posting past









Taking notes on



Learning the

ins and outs





A Client For 5 Years But Family For Life.

I got to meet some of the people I was working with online for a long time, and hang with all the incredible people powering VA Staffer. Often entrepreneurs think of VAs as just cheaper labor options - but what they forget is VAs are PEOPLE - with lives, families, goals, and powerful skills. Not just a replacement of more expensive US team members... Getting to hang with everyone in person, enjoy the culture, explore the city, and see what they're building was such a great experience.

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