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Effective Virtual Team Leadership

Leadership, according to Forbes, “is an authentic self-expression that instills value in others so much that it compels them to act”. As we see virtual teams become more popular in today’s society, leadership in business is continuously challenged. Management experts always say that in traditional offices, it is easy to demonstrate leadership because a team […]

Marketing Campaign Process

When developing your Marketing Campaign Process, there are Three R’s to live by. It’s the guide that will keep you on track and stop you from making poor choices in emotional moments. Recognize, Reach, Retain If you market to everyone, you’ll find no one and if you don’t know whom you’re marketing to, you’ll miss […]

Virtual Administrative Assistant – Maintaining Entrepreneurial Health & Wellness

For many entrepreneurs, staying healthy while nurturing a small business can be tough. How many amongst you have not spent 16 consecutive hours in front of a computer? This is an experience that most entrepreneurs will attest to. Therefore, consider hiring a Virtual Administrative Assistant to maintain a healthy lifestyle. As an entrepreneur, work seems […]

Finding Quality Online Virtual Assistants

Now here’s a popular question which demands an answer with great frequency: Where do you find quality online virtual assistants or quality virtual assistant team members? Quite frankly, the quality of online virtual assistants you need will be dependent upon your needs. Therefore the first thing you should consider before you even hire an online […]