Brad Ball.

Artist and entrepreneur. Creating stunning pieces of art and owner of Ardent Creative, Inc.

About Brad Ball.

"Be different, be creative, and be a leader". That is the motto Brad Ball lives by and it shows in his art pieces and his company's values.

He is the owner and co-founder of Ardent Creative, located in Fort Worth. The Texas-based company specializes in web design, marketing, and branding services. They take their values to heart sincerely, ingraining passion, relationships and integrity in their core.

Ultimately his goal is to develop relationships and help others succeed as much as he has.

Why Brad Ball Decided to Hire a VA

  • Take off workload from his personal assistant.
  • So he can focus on running his business.
  • Free up his schedule for more productivity.

Resolved Concerns in Hiring a VA for the First Time

  • Difficulties in providing/delegating VAs with enough tasks to do.
  • Not knowing how to delegate tasks.
  • Unsure if they can deliver the same level of quality output.

Brad Ball

Ardent Creative

How this has helped Brad Ball.

"One of the things I didn't think about until later on, that was really good deal is...we have lots of Zoom calls right and I’m not the best at taking notes, so instead of me taking notes, we record the call send it to Ina and then she would transcribe the whole thing. And so it's good to get somebody else just kind of listened to it, and then they can go back and rewatch it and really pay attention to what's going on."

Reduce overhead, increase productivity & get your time back.

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