Sidhartha Peddinti.

Attorney, Strategist & Investor based in Dallas, Texas

About Sid Peddinti.

A Business Attorney who thinks outside the box, a Social Entrepreneur who builds social businesses, and a Business Strategist who focuses on developing and implementing strategies that drastically improve the bottom-line, builds momentum, and creates jobs in the economy.

The #1 challenge that

Sid Peddinti faced

  • Doubts if hiring a remote team might work
  • Coming up with a very structured process of how I used to train my employees when they were in my office versus training them virtually
  • Following a format that he doesn't need to be involved in anymore

He Leverages Multiple VAs

What Sid Peddinti has delegated to his EA's

"It's not even an EA - it's a part of my organization who's duplicated what I used to do."

"They literally do everything I used to do from grant filings, market research, outreach and more."

Tasks delegated :

  • Complex Legal Filings
  • Grant Application
  • Reviewing websites
  • Market Research
  • Internal Organization
  • Basic Bookkeeping
  • Answering Emails
  • Client Onboarding calls
  • Scheduled Emails
  • Transcribed Meetings

Using just a number, how many things do you think your EA does for you on a weekly basis?

“10 to 15 things per day, on a checklist that they perform independently, they know end to end what my business is, in certain cases, and they manage those. So you know, 50 to 80 tasks in a week.”

Sidhartha Peddinti

Sid Peddinti Ventures

How this has helped

Sidhartha Peddint.

“ We've grown exponentially every month, doubling ourselves, if not, some months, even tripling yourselves. And I could not obviously get for many years, I had a certain plateau where I couldn't exceed pass because you know, I have a family I've only certain amount limited hours in the day that I could work or devote my time into, but having these executives work on my behalf and do certain things that drain my time. See, now I can focus on true revenue generating activities and think big picture, even expand into things that I never did before. “

How this has helped Sid from an emotional / feeling standpoint.

  • Enabled me to dig deeper into my business and approach it from a much more strategic perspective
  • Focus has shifted to more profitable activities
  • I now have a duplicate version of myself for much cheaper.
  • Increased profitability and time

Results & Numbers.

Sid has been able to remove himself from his repeatable tasks and essentially duplicate himself.


Legal Filings





















Onboarding Calls





Transcribed Meetings


Reduce overhead, increase productivity & get your time back.

You can do it all, but you don’t have to do it all yourself!