Virtual Assistant Services.

Our team can power your business in a record time without headaches.

Our Virtual Assistants come already trained to do a variety of tasks that ALL businesses need.

1. Lead generation

Nothing beats human intervention when it comes to generating qualified leads. Give us the criteria of who your perfect leads are, and our lead gen specialists will take care of the rest. VAstaffer can provide you a virtual assistant who can:

  • Search names of people who have key positions (a.k.a. Decision makers) in the company
  • Scour their company website and use special tools to determine email addresses or phone numbers.
  • Send personalized preliminary communication to newly connected prospects.

2. Personal Assistant

You may already be experiencing “growing pains” as you ascend your business to the next level. But you can totally eliminate the overwhelm by hiring a personal executive assistant.

We can help you determine whether you need a dedicated assistant [who can work in your preferred hours, part-time or full-time] or you need experts for special tasks who can work on an hourly basis. Hop on our strategy call for more details.

3. Research

Whether you want to research your target market, your competitors ,or look up the cheapest flights, your virtual assistant can research, collect, & organize data.

4. Data Entry

There’s a vast area of tasks that can be fulfilled by data entry fulfillment. It can go anywhere from:

  • Collating the names of your new clients / customers/ enrollees, etc.
  • Documenting the details of all the people who viewed your profile on LinkedIn.
  • Tracking your metrics in all your social media accounts (talk about SMM inception).
  • Many others...

Whether data needs to be documented on Google spreadsheet or on your internal CRM, our virtual assistants can fulfill database entry tasks.

5. Social media management

The most powerful, yet FREE, marketing avenue to have ever existed is social media. It’s there, ready for the taking, and all you need to do is to create content and SHOW UP. Our virtual assistants can:

  • Schedule the release of your content across all social media networks
  • Engage with your audience
  • Do Facebook group moderation
  • Tracking of KPI’s, so you can assess what type of content performs well
  • Provide customer service (CSR)

6. Creative Services

Whether you need a new Social Media banner, flyers, logos, or even powerpoint presentations our Graphic Design team can help turn your vision into reality.

We can also help with editing videos for your social media, courses, and youtube channel.

7. Content Repurposing

Content repurposing is the not-so-secret strategy of the world-renowned influencers in the digital marketing space.

Imagine cranking out Youtube or podcast content which can be repurposed for other platforms such as your website, Facebook, instagram, Pinterest, and yes, TikTok!

All of a sudden, being omnipresent is not so far-fetched. All you need to do is hire a virtual assistant who can make this happen.

8. Podcast management

The process of removing the uhms/ahhs/and other fillers in your raw audio file can take 2x longer than recording the actual podcast itself. VAstaffer podcast VA’s can help in editing and enhancing the quality of your audio, and then upload the episodes to your host site--your regular listeners would be happy to binge.

You can also hire a VAstaffer virtual assistant who can take care of booking you as a guest for other podcasts that are aligned or complementary to your business.We have mastered this process, so be prepared to be a busy podcast guest!

9. Web Design & Development

Your website is the ONLY virtual real estate that you own 100%. This serves as your digital homebase, and it’s important to set the right impression, just as you’re welcoming real-life visitors in your own home.

You definitely want a website that truly represents your personal brand--your high-level business---so you can attract your high-level clients. The expert web designers and developers at VAstaffer can absolutely help you bring your vision to life.

10. CRM & Automation Support

This central hub for “opportunities” in your sales process can be the single most important tool for your growing businesses. Whatever CRM it is that you’re currently using [Airtable, Salesforce,, Asana, ClickUp, Zoho, etc], our array of virtual assistants are ready to manage it on your behalf.

Praise from our clients.

I have been more than happy with the service I receive on every task I give VA Staffer. What I love the most about VA Staffer, and what sets them apart from other providers, is that I don’t just have access to one VA with one skill. I have a highly professional, highly trained TEAM of VAs to meet all my business needs. This frees up so much of my time to focus on the things that only I can do in my business. I also really love that I have a dedicate team manager (Anna) who works during US hours and is up to date on what is going on with all my tasks.

I highly recommend working with Jeff and VA staffer.

Kerriann Stout J.D.

Law Professor & Founder VINCO Prep

I have had the pleasure of working with VA Staffer for around a year and they have done a GREAT Job.

I have used there web development team, there data entry team, and web research team and can say without a doubt that the communication and work quality I’ve gotten back from them has been Excellent! Highly recommended.

Stephen Gardner

eCompany Solutions

With VA Staffer, you’re assigned a dedicated VA based on your job requirements, but have access to the rest of the team for specialized skills as the need arises.

Nick Loper

After moving from Los Angeles to Houston and losing my personal assistant, I found myself back into the bad habit of trying to do everything myself. Just when I was about to fall apart, I found VA Staffer.

I use them for everything from event posting to uploading press releases, research and anything that involves Excel.

I just couldn’t do without this great and helpful staff. So I won’t.

Crystal Wright

Author, Speaker & Stylist to the Stars

VA Staffer has been the marketing arm of my companies.

From web design to helping me run my podcast.

Nick May

Walls By Design

I believe I am one of the first people to use VA Staffer….and lets just say…I need them!

Its that serious! They are fast, efficient, affordable, and help me move my business forward.

Chef Skai

Author, Speaker & Stylist to the Stars

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