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Are you READY for a Virtual Assistant?


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Is a Virtual Assistant a good fit for you?

I’ve been launching my 9010 Life course. I’ve been busy getting everything together for that. Most recently, I’ve been getting a lot of sales inquiries. People wanting to work with myself and the team. But I’ve been turning a lot of people down. A lot of people that don’t fit the need of a VA Staffer because they don’t have enough work. As much as I’d love to take your money, it just doesn’t make sense for the things that some people want to do. They’re not ready to make a full commitment on Business Process Outsourcing which is what VA Staffer is about. VA Staffer  (Virtual Assistant Staffer) is about things in your business that are critical to your business. These are the things holding you back from getting to the next level.  

It could be:

  • Web Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Lead generation efforts
  • Social media marketing 

These things take up a significant amount of your time. What I found is that a lot of people don’t have that so it doesn’t really make sense.

Task Attacker Venture

I’ve brainstormed a few amazing ideas. There are some services out there that offer what I’m thinking of creating. From the feedback that I’m getting from my own clients is that they love working with my team. They just don’t have a whole lot for us to do. They’re just not ready to commit themselves to taking it to the next level. Others do not have the right mindset to do the delegate or their business isn’t at the point where they need that level of commitment. They still have a lot more time on their own hands so they would do it themselves. But they do see the value in having little things knocked out of the way.

Time Vs Value

Entrepreneurs have a real time collapse. I know from experience how crazy it sounds. But you never have enough time. There’s just never enough time of the day. And the more successful that you get the more valuable your time is. If you have a lot of free time, that’s awesome.  Why do you have the free time? For most successful people their time is filled. People want their time. The time is valuable to them and it’s valuable to other people. For my wife, for Christmas, I can buy all sorts of things. I know that the biggest gift I can give my wife and my family is my time. So I’ve blocked out time next week to make sure that I’m with my family and I’m not actually working. That’s super valuable to them. That costs me money. So time is money. See the shift?

Are you the Task Attacker type of Client?

I’m launching this new Task Attacker website. I talked about it a few times. It’s going to be really fun. I’ve got about five people right now inside of it and I don’t even have anything yet. Those are just people that are like “yeah we’re in it”.  We’re going to be developing it out. There’s no membership fee. There’s no setup fee because I don’t have to understand you to do 15-minute tasks. I don’t need to understand your business.  It doesn’t require my time. At VA Staffer, I really need to understand your business. I really need to dive into how I can actually replace the things in your business or improve them, automate them or delegate them. Those are the things that I do as a project manager for my clients at VA Staffer. I really try to understand their pain points and put together a game plan. Interestingly enough a lot of people don’t have that much of a workload yet. Either they’re just starting out or they don’t have the right processes. Some people do have tons of work but they can’t mentally put their mind right to get those things off their desk.

Virtual Office Assistant – Using Task Attacker

Tasks to get you started with a Virtual Assistant:

  1. You have someone make follow up calls on your behalf
  2. Contact new clients
  3. Make a dinner reservation
  4. Do online research
  5. Find and book the best flight or find the best three flights
  6. Find the best price for a product online.
  7. Calling to ensure a bill has been paid
  8. Get more information about something
  9. Call your competitors and ask valuable questions 
  10. Online research for your book

These are things that are first world problems we have to deal with. These are quick little 15 minute tasks. I want you to think about that. That is something that you could start really quick. It could be like kind of a segue into delegating. When you get to that capacity, it’s something that’s going to be a low entry point. $50 bucks a month and you’re going to have 20 tasks.

How Virtual Assistants save you time?

It’s really a great little segue into becoming your own self. It’s freeing up your valuable time because you have these little things you’re doing here and there. It’s a good way for most people to practice. I’m excited to use this service myself. We have a whole new website we’re setting up for it. We’ve got a whole new billing system setting up for it as well. It’s going to be a completely independent entity. A different business altogether. I already have three (3) people that are assigned to work there.

It’s about your time and your value. When do you think it’s time for you to have a virtual assistant? Quite frankly when your time is less and there are things that you could have other people do to save you time. Then it’s time for Virtual Assistant. Before it would have been a real cost barrier for myself. But who am I to say when someone is ready for a virtual assist or not? I think that if I was able to create an entry-level product for people to delegate 15 minutes at a time then everyone’s ready for a Virtual Assistant.

It’s really fun to have people that you can rely to help you do the little things in life so that you can focus on what’s really important. That’s the whole 9010 mantra that I’m telling the world about. It’s about taking the little things off your plate. The 90% of the stuff that’s taking up all that time is just craziness. We can stay focused on the value that we create. Are you ready to start saving time? Contact our virtual office assistants and see how they can help. 


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