AWeber Atom Subscriber App Released. Build Your List on the Go! 

November 17, 2014

By  Jeff J Hunter

AWeber Atom Subscriber App Released: Build Your List on the Go!

Aweber just released their new “Atom Subscriber” app which allows you to sign in with your Aweber account, select the list you want, and hand your mobile device to people to sign up on the spot. No more pencil and paper, or business cards – hand the list over, and let them type in their name and email address instantly to sign up for your newsletter / email list.

List Building Is Critical For Business

I know I don’t need to tell you this, but each person on your newsletter is a potential client, customer, or sale. It’s absolutely crucial to most businesses either brick and mortar or online in nature to have an engaged audience. Whether it’s telling them about a new product, or service – or just telling them that you appreciate their business. Personally, I love  offering real value to people, and that is what I always recommend. Put together a special offer, like a discount on their first purchase, or a gift card for signing up for your newsletter.

Why Aweber Atom App?

Before today, there’s a lot of ways to get people on your newsletter, whether it’s via web, or pen and paper for you to enter in manually later. Aweber Atom App is finally a mobile native application that you can drop on your android tablet, phone or Apple device. Imagine you’re at a trade show and you have a special list built ONLY for people who went to the show, you can offer a swag bag, or spin a wheel for a prize (why not a branded pen, hat, or desk gadget) – all they need to do is put their name and email into the tablet on your desk.

Aweber Atom Subscriber App Screenshots:

The Fourth M of Marketing: Maintain Your Audience

In our Four M’s of Marketing  you learn that AWeber is a great list building tool for any business, you can have unlimited lists, and they have built in email newsletter builder. You can also track links clicked in your emails, and send directly to your lists using it. It really is a great way to keep track of your interest groups through many of your ventures.

Don’t Forget the Four M’s:

  • Market – You need to know your target audience.
  • Media – Knowing your marketing strategy and channels.
  • Message – Creating engaging content that really converts.
  • Maintain – Keep your members engaged, automatically, with your lists!

Go get the AWeber Atom Subscriber App and tell us how you like it. Is it useful for you? Share your comments below!


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