Conversion Marketing | What is Conversion Rate Marketing? 

November 27, 2015

By  Jeff J Hunter

What is Conversion Marketing / Conversion Rate Marketing?

Conversion Marketing also known as conversion rate marketing is the method you apply to take visitor traffic and convince them to take an action – like convert them into a buyer – that is considered a conversion rate.

Conversion Rate Formula:

# of Visitors / # of Goal Action = Conversion Rate

The goals for conversion rate marketing can vary based on your business model or product or service, but to ensure you have the best chance of making sales from those visitors, you will want to keep reading – because higher conversion rates means more sales.

The entire traffic to client conversion process involves many different steps. However, at a glance the following things must be present to ensure you have the best conversion marketing rate possible:

  1. Great product or service
  2. Targeted traffic
  3. Clear call to action

Short of those essentials, you may not reap the high conversions you expect based on industry standards. “Standard” conversion marketing rates vary based on several factors so it’s difficult to nail it down and say you should be matching. If all 3 of the above are true, then you should have high conversion rates on your site call to action.

Targeted traffic means that the content on your page is RELEVANT – let me repeat, RELEVANT, to what your visitors are looking for.

However, after you get them in your conversion marketing funnel, they should continue to be high converting if you play your cards right. Keep your content specific to their needs, and build their trust.

When they enter your funnel, you should begin to find even more out about their specific desires and needs. Then you give it to them. It’s that simple. You should be asking the questions in the form of buttons or calls to action within the email you send them.

Part of your conversion rate marketing funnel or leads to client funnel, should be your automated email campaign (autoresponders). In order to take people to your product or service to buy, you may need to offer some additional value that does one of the following things, we call this the buyer’s journey in inbound marketing.

Conversion Marketing for Inbound Marketing:

  1. Educate your prospect
  2. Make them aware that they have a problem or pain
  3. Introduce the benefits of your product or service in how it can end that pain

Whichever stage they’re in, they will tell you by how they respond to your email. You should have content and an automated email sequence going out from every point in their journey.

Taking into account the journey and your job as a conversion rate marketer to turn them into buyers is where you need to know your target market like your best friend. To do this, you need to do your homework. Assuming you’ve already done extensive SEO research and you know that people are searching for your product or service, you’ll want to know the following basic things about who you market below.

Use Individual Marketing for Stronger Relationships

  • Who will buy your product or service?
  • Where do they hang out?
  • What is their pain which will drive them to need your product?

These are basic questions you want to know the answers to before you spend tons of time and money putting out posts and campaigns. You’ll be beating your head against a wall and creating negative ROI if you don’t know. That’s why it’s important to put together your conversion marketing plan to ensure you are truly providing value to generate visitors to your website, and more importantly converting them to customers. Learn more about Individual Marketing.

Are you thinking, “All this research and planning before I even tell people about what I offer”? I say, “YES!” Do you want to make money or do you want to spend money? Spending money with the end goal to make money is wise, but no one will throw their money into an investment without finding out more about the risk.

I’m telling you the risk if you don’t do your research – so apply the knowledge and wisdom in this article; do your due diligence, lay the groundwork, develop a plan, THEN launch! Your bank account will thank you.

We recently launched our new Conversion Marketing platform that integrates your lead generation, customer relationship management, and email marketing all together.

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I hope this helped to guide you on your path to utilizing conversion marketing!


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