eBook Promotion


eBook Promotion

Use a Virtual Assistant to Promote Your eBooks

A Virtual Assistant can help you with your eBook Promotion on multiple platforms like: Facebook, Twitter, Forums, Blogs and eBook review sites. Many business owners and freelancers try to do all their marketing projects themselves instead of delegating it to a Virtual Assistant to save time. The truth is – your Virtual Assistant can accomplish any task your eBook Promotion strategy requires. It would be foolish to utilize your virtual assistant to spam websites with your eBook, rather have your VA do research first to determine the target demographic you’re trying to reach and engage the community. Your Virtual Assistant can actually help you build relationships with others and gain trust instead of eBook Promotion via spam. You don’t like spam, we don’t like spam, and it has garbage conversion rates.

no spam ebook promotion

Almost every day, we receive an inquiry or two every day asking us if our virtual assistants can spam websites for their eBook Promotion Campaign. Once again, it’s truly up to your marketing strategy, after-all we do work for you . Our virtual assistants follow your instructions for the tasks that they are trained and assigned to complete and they will often exceed those expectations. In our experience you’re going to get little results having your Virtual Assistant spam a website with your eBook because it will destroy the connection with the site owner and community therein. You don’t want to burn any bridges in your eBook promotion, especially if you need to contact bloggers about your eBook directly.

If your marketing strategy requires something such as: setting up Facebook ads and optimizing them, or social media marketing, our virtual assistants can help. There are many ways that your eBook Promotion marketing strategy can be boosted with our staff’s help. Some of these ideas are shared below as a way to kick-start your eBook marketing, but our virtual assistants can do much more if your project requires it.

Building Relationships with Relevant Bloggers

To promote your eBook you might like to email book enthusiasts and indie book websites about your new eBook. If it’s a business book for example, you might want to contact a thousand business blogs and let them know about your resource. Since this takes a lot of time, you can delegate it to your virtual assistant.

At VA Staffer, our virtual assistants can go beyond just collecting relevant bloggers’ emails and contacting them. Our virtual assistants are able to build relationships with these bloggers by utilizing social media marketing, content marketing, and other methods to build bonds with them. This ensures that you’re not just “blasting” bloggers’ with your book, but actually benefiting them in return since they help promote your eBook as well. After all, the internet is about connecting with people, not robots.

Setup PPC Advertisements

After collecting some information about your target audience, sales system, and other critical aspects of your eBook Promotion, our virtual assistants can begin to setup and optimize PPC campaigns. They are experienced in Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, and many other ad networks. Our virtual assistants are even experienced in working with mobile ad networks to boost sales of iOS and Kindle eBooks on those devices.

VA Staffer Link Tracking & Analytics

eBook Promotion, or any type of advertising and promoting is pointless without understanding how it’s doing. We have a proprietary Link Tracking System that can track the progress of your campaign with us. With our “ITYURL” system, it serves as a Social Media Friendly shortlink. In the images below, you will see a list of recent campaigns we’ve done for some of our clients’ eBooks on Amazon. It contains the amount of clicks our tracking system recorded, tracked clicks over time, and the Traffic Location that your clicks are coming from. Not shown below is type type of traffic, like direct links and referrer traffic, obviously 99% of your traffic will be referred traffic since we’ll be advertising your eBook all over the web.


Content Marketing

If your eBook teaches new business owners how to manage their taxes, then our virtual assistants could help you focus your eBook Promotion through content marketing per demographics. By publishing various tax-related articles on tax and business websites, our virtual assistants can help build credibility and a fan-base for your eBook and service.

Much, More, More…

At VA Staffer we have virtual assistants that specialize in everything from article submission and promotion, to interviews, lead generation, and eBook Promotion. To utilize the power and efficiency of virtual assistants, get in touch with us so we can learn more about your project’s needs.

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