Frequently Asked Questions.

Which Plan Is Right for Me ?

Our Virtual Assistant Team can manage your Social Media Networks, create content for you, help you as a personal assistant, and more.

There are many tasks that we can work on, and with our built in project management our affordable virtual assistant pricing is designed to offer you a variety of support with a very low overhead cost.

We can help you determine a cost effective way to gain your valuable time back so you can spend it on what’s important to you ; whether that’s refocusing on growing your business, or spending more time with your family.

What's the Difference between the Dedicated Assistant Plan and Hourly Plan?

Dedicated Assistant Plan

You can get your own personal Dedicated Assistant for either Part Time (4hours/day) or Full Time (8hours/day) to help you with your day to day tasks.

Perfect for entrepreneurs looking for help with a lot of admin, data entry, research, reporting, etc.

Your Dedicated Assistant will work within your business ecosystem and your schedule.

Hourly Plan

Our Hourly Plan is designed primarily to provide a wide range of support for project based tasks like graphic design, video editing, etc.

By purchasing hours, you gain access to our platform where you can submit various work requests and we assign VAs with the appropriate skillsets.

You can compare the two plans in detail here:

How are your VAs different from other companies?

Unlike our competitors, we pre-screen, pre-hire, and pre-train our people before they get assigned to you.

All our VAs are supported as well by a team of peers, team leaders, and managers to provide guidance and support.

What services can your virtual assistants perform?

Our Virtual Assistants can help with a lot of different tasks from routine tasks like managing your emails, contact management, data entry to more skill-based tasks like graphic design, video editing, and web development.

SEO, Ads, and Inbound/Outbound call center are not supported. Our VAs under the Dedicated Assistant Plan can help with Copywriting using AI tools like chatgpt.

Can I Change Plans Or Cancel ?

Yes. You can change plans and cancel anytime.

Under the Hourly plan, since the hours don't expire, they remain in your account and can be used at a later date even without an active subscription.

For our Dedicated Assistant Plan, we do require a 30 day cancellation notice.

Do You Have Payment Options ?

VA Staffer accepts several forms of payments and are processed through your choice of either Credit Card, PayPal, or even ACH from your Bank.

How Can We Start Working with You?

Schedule a call with us so we can help figure out how our Virtual Assistants can help you.



VA Staffer offers professional, reliable and affordable Virtual Assistants to help your business grow.