How to Use Hubstaff

How to use Hubstaff: for Employees

There are an assortment of productivity software to help manage a virtual team, and we’re all about getting the best productivity of your team while keeping it simple. For this blog post, you will see how to use hubstaff as an employee. We went ahead and completed the full process and invited some of our virtual assistant team to get a better understanding of the technology. From our discovery, here’s how it plays out: Check out Hubstaff here

You will receive an email invitation from VA Staffer, once you got it it will provide you a link. Click and it will redirect you to this:

Step 1

1) Enter your full name

2) Email (

3-4) Enter your desired password

 Step 2

1) Click the last Icon (without picture it’s a faceless black picture)

2) Click Download. Once you downloaded just follow the instructions. While you’re downloading you can do the next step:

Click My Account and Upload your Picture

Step 3

After you upload your picture and after successfully installing Hubstaff it will allow or ask you to Log in:

Step 44

Please enter the email and password you used when you sign up earlier

Step 5
Step 6
You will see a lot of Projects inside Hubstaff. Please choose the appropriate project you will work on.
Step 7

You need to click Start. Then Hubstaff will start tracking your time and screen.

Here are few more things you should know:
You may be wondering how you can track tasks you will be working on because we all know that you will be working on different tasks. So  here’s how you do it:
 Step 8

Click on Add Note then enter the name of the task that you will work on.

If you want to check the notes you need to go to the website of Hubstaff and go here:
 Step 9

1) Go to Activity

2) Click All notes

You will see the notes you’ve entered and jut calculate how many hours or minutes you’ve worked on a particular task.
Thank you! I hope this has given you more insight on how to use hubstaff. Check out Hubstaff website here
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