Lead Prospect Customer | Whiteboard Wednesday EP4 

December 8, 2015

By  Jeff J Hunter

Who is Your Lead Prospect Customer?

Welcome to Whiteboard Wednesday EP4 and today we’re going to talk about the Lead Prospect Customer. What? Who is THAT person? We’re going to talk about “THAT PERSON” that person is your customer. Who IS your customer? That’s really important.
This is going to be the easiest and hardest whiteboard Wednesday ever because the drawing is easy, but the topic is hard.
Earlier this week I did a blog with my team about Individual Marketing. Individual marketing – think about that, who is the individuals who will be targeted by your content?
I had a call today with a customer that was supposed to be an hour, and it ended up taking almost 3 hours. All we talked about was THEIR customers, THEIR individuals. How do you get the most impact working with people? It’s not about telling them how great you are or the product / service, it’s about the relationships and trust you build with other people.

You want to target your message to that group or segment based on their needs.

SO this “client” of mine happens to own a high end window and door business for million dollar plus homes and businesses. They are cream of the crop, it’s high end, they focus on the best.
We talked about targeting on their website about their website about windows and doors. It’s just so broad, what if a woman is trying to find a window for a cracked window from a kid next door shot a BB or slingshot through it. That is NOT the target market.
We need to look for things specific to that industry, that market. That’s the lead prospect customer, this is someone who actually buys from you.

How do you focus on that lead prospect customer?

It’s all about the messaging, you want to make sure it’s focused on your target audience, you do NOT want the wrong people contacting you. That’s a waste of your time, and their time. You want to focus on the type of people you WANT to get through your funnel. There’s lot of names for the funnel, but the truth is you want people to get to the bottom of it and find you.

There’s the exploration stage.

You want to position yourself so people are finding information about you and your competitors and they see value in what you have. You want it to be focused on them, so it sounds like you’re talking to them.

There’s the solution discovery, they’ve identified they have a problem.

They know there’s a solution out there, and they’re ready to buy, how are you positioning so you’re the answer to their problem?

You want to target THAT PERSON, you need to know your target market, and I came up with a pretty good way of understanding that person.

I put together the Individual Marketing Worksheet so you can really understand YOUR target market, your lead prospect customer. You want to put together a clear vision of who this person is, laser focused.
You can read in depth how to use this Target Persona Worksheet to focus on the pain points of your customer so you can really dial in on what they need so you can be the answer.
For example, what are people looking for when they need a virtual assistant? They don’t have time; they want someone who can save them time, manage their website or do things they don’t know how to do. They want someone to do graphic design, they want a team they can rely on.

I know who my target market is, I know who my customer is, I know who my lead prospect customer is. Do you know who yours is?


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Jeff J Hunter

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