Onsite SEO Reviews 

May 22, 2015

By  Jeff J Hunter

SEO reviews of your page or post should be done with care to make sure all of the steps are met. It takes a long time to learn all of the steps by heart, but once you do, you can create SEO informational products just as fast as someone else can write an article. This gives you an edge because what you offer is a real return on investment for whomever hires you.

It is no secret at all that the search engines are looking for the exact content at the exact time for that exact user. The best way to help Google help your users is to do keyword research. After that is completed, then the next step is to organize your content in a way that uses SEO categories and tags properly. Once your content is made, it is ready to be inputted into your website. This is the last article in this series (Onsite SEO Step by Step).

Keep reading for a special announcement regarding SEO and  J Hunter (head of VA Staffer).

WordPress Blog Review

WordPress is by far the best platform for hosting a business that has a blog set up. With security, outreach, and SEO plug-ins added to the software, it turns your website from a fancy electronic brochure into a meaningful business. VA Staffer, therefore, gives WordPress an excellent review regarding SEO!

The principles of delegation apply for having content put into your website, too. There are a few ground rules to give to your virtual assistants about how you would like to have blog posts and pages added to your website.

It is easy to follow these guidelines:

SEO Title

  • Make sure the title is not too long
  • Make sure the title has the keyword phrase in it


  • Make sure the URL includes the stop words if it is part of your long tail keyword
  • Make sure the URL has the keyword phrase divided by dashes

SEO Content

  • Make sure the content has headers
  • Make sure the keyword is in at least one header, the first paragraph, in other places in the middle of the content, and last paragraph
  • The content at least 300 words (500 much better) (1000+ awesome!)
  • Make sure the content provides value to the reader

SEO Meta Description

  • Make sure the keyword is in the meta description
  • Make sure the meta description accurately describes the content of the post that makes someone curious

SEO Images

  • Images must be compressed in size
  • Images must be clear
  • Images must be relevant
  • Featured images must have the keyword in the title and/or alt text

SEO Videos

  • Make sure all video players are responsive
  • Teaser videos go on YouTube
  • Important videos go on your site
  • Paid Subscription videos should not be kept on a public server
  • Do not have sound start on page load or other annoying video tricks

Indirect SEO Tags

  • There really shouldn’t be more than 25 tags for your posts
  • Tags should have the same case (Title or Camel)
  • Tags can be high level keywords
  • De-index tag archive pages

Indirect SEO Categories

  • There really shouldn’t be more than 10 simple categories
  • Categories need to have the same case (Title, Camel, or All Caps)
  • Avoid using exact match keywords as categories
  • De-index category archive pages

Blog Software Review

A portion of SEO that is not really discussed is how plugins affect the site. If your plugins have conflicts (like duplicate jQuery libraries) it will slow down your sites performance. Anything that makes the site load slower should be really examined for its worth. Also, plugins can easily become not supported, so try not to obligate the livelihood of the site based upon frail software.

When it comes to constant plug-in updates, it is good to strategic outsourcing like VA Staffer to handle these tasks. Also, having virtual assistants responding to customer queries right away is a great thing for customer service. Even if the product is so-so and the customer service is excellent, you will have loyal customers for your internet business.

Blog Product Review

Your website and blog is an informational product. When businesses start seeing the content they make as a product, their focus it re-aligned with proper business models. How does one take this content information product to make more information products? With proper keyword strategy, the path of content flows in a clear, concise manner. This set up is the basis for making future books, workbooks, video series, webinars, and classes.

So looking at the content as a product:
Does the page or blog post convey the message in a clear, entertaining manner that causes the reader to do something? This is called conversion.
Does the page or blog post teach how to improve a process or lead to new ideas? This is called inspiration.

Conversion and inspiration are the driving forces behind innovation. And innovation is the driving force behind business. Therefore, by treating the content on the site as a product that you want to promote, you are building more avenues for business. Who would have thought it was so easy to make a product? Now, use the proper SEO steps so that people can find your informational product and you are getting closer to your goal of making money.

Onsite SEO In Total

Over the past two weeks, we have covered many areas that are important for onsite SEO. Search engine optimization is simply the process of translating human speech into a form of language that the website crawlers understand. It is simple translation, yet so many people refuse to learn the language of search engines. You, however, are different. You spent the time to learn how this is done properly, and now you can create informational products that can be seen and consumed.

Also, J Hunter has created a new software as a service called PageSEOAnalyst. (Check it out!) This automatically tracks your targeted keywords (and those of your competitors) and sends them to you in a recurring fashion. This data is so invaluable that many other white hat SEO companies are calling this software “Unfair” for J Hunter to release it. This is literally the same information that other SEO companies will charge hundreds a month for. J Hunter just has enough of people being taken advantage of! As far as SEO reviews go, this software is worth having in your marketing arsenal.

The next week is going to focus on offline SEO techniques that are important for the rankings of your site. While you practice many of these techniques in real life when finding information for yourself, you probably do not think about them in a concrete way. The next week is going to be focused on different way to increase your domain authority with 100% white hat methods.

If you have SEO reviews of products or services you want people to know about, please comment below!

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