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I added a new page on the site adding a new service we’ve been requested over and over. Lead generation  – the act of us helping you find people interested in your products and services. It’s in high demand with our clients, and it’s no wonder why.

Check out the new service page here:

How would you like to wake up on a Monday morning and have a list of a few hundred people to call? Better yet, how would you like us to help manage your Linkedin account and connect with people directly in your target market?

We can send emails, direct message, or even send a tweet to someone looking for your products and services.

Got a clunky Customer Relationship Management database full of stale leads? Why don’t you let us send out a final email to fish for some final opportunities before having us clean out your database.

Happy Hunting! (Easter Egg hunting of course!)

VA Staffer
VA Staffer
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