Why You Need A Social Media Virtual Assistant 

April 12, 2016

By  Jeff J Hunter


Why You Need A Social Media Virtual Assistant

Outsourcing your social media to a social media virtual assistant at VA Staffer guarantees that your social media campaign is professional, up-to-date and creative. We can help you be relevant and generate solid leads at an affordable rate.


Why a Social Media Virtual Assistant when I could do this myself?

We are a team specialized in social media marketing on a variety of platforms. Our dedicated social media virtual assistant team keeps up with new trends, news, hashtags and micro-blogging relevant to your industry.

Building your social channels takes time, patience and dedication. It helps you identify a subset of your target audience and capitalize on existing social behaviors.

Our Social Media Virtual Assistant team is a professional extension of you on social media. When you’re on vacation, a trip or having a day full of meetings our social media virtual assistant team will be there ensuring that you are socially relevant.

Did you know that 49% percent of global business leaders are planning to increase their social media budget? You need to ensure that your competitors don’t leave you behind. (Stats from Business Insider)

Organizing in advance is the key to ensuring that your social media accounts are up-to-date. Our social media virtual assistant team have specialized tools that help you review and edit our content. You can also add posts of your own – and of course, track your campaign statistics.



A Social Media Virtual Assistant Keeps you “UP-TO-DATE”

Your social media virtual assistant will ensure that your networks are filled with content that will promote your business objectives and your brand.  Additionally, we will research and post (or tweet) informative facts, tips and trivia about your industry.

Having your page updated weekly with unique images adds a layer of viral marketing that will increase engagement levels. Your social media virtual assistant can design images that complement your business as well as upload any provided by you.

Creating that personal connection with your client is a must. You can add content, pictures and project status updates that will make them feel like they are a part of your process. They can give feedback, exchange ideas and ask questions directly to you on social media.

Our user friendly control panel gives you total access to graphs, charts and statistics that will show you the advantage you’ve gained by your social media campaign.


The benefits of using social media marketing.

According to Hubspot 92% of marketers in 2014 claimed that social media marketing was important to their business. 80% of those businesses indicating their efforts increased traffic to their websites.

In another study, Social Examiner stated 97% of marketers are currently participating in social media. 85% of those participants aren’t sure what social media tools are best to use.

There is a high potential for social media marketing to increase sales but there is a lack of understanding on how to go about achieving set results. This is where our social media assistant team come in! We take your goals and transform them into revenue.


Why would you run a social media campaign?

Social proof: Enhancing your trustworthiness

The amount of website traffic (or visitors) compared to the number of sales (or leads) you get are called the “sales conversion ratio”. The main focus of your website  is promoting your product or service. But it should also be a tool to gather useful, informative material relevant to your industry. This will not only increase the frequency of visitors but also the time spent and return visits in the long run.


Repeat exposure and brand recognition

Social media channels are ideal to display your brand’s voice and content. It increases accessibility for potential new customers. It also ensures that you’re more recognizable for existing customers.  An uninterested customer might become better acquainted with your brand because of your network presence.




Beating your competition.

Most of your competitors are most likely already using a social media virtual assistant, so what are you waiting for? Are you going to stand by and do nothing while they reap all the benefits? The sooner you start, the sooner you take the lead.

Social media focuses on building relationships. In return your business is  advertised and recommended by others. Now is the ideal time to start growing your audience. A huge turnoff would be if potential customers visit your website and your social media presence is non existent. So what do you have to lose? Be ahead of the game. Your Social Media Virtual Assistant can do it for you!


Grow your marketing influence with social proof.

As your followers increase, your marketing power increases as well. Every positive interaction increases the chance of an eventual conversion. Ranking higher in Google is your main focus. Your social media presence will in time increase trust and credibility in your brand by your followers.

 The more followers you have – the more followers you’ll get.


Improving your industry authority.

Regular interaction with your customers shows new audience that you care about their concerns. They will use social media as the median to brag and post compliments about your brand name. This will spike the interests of other members who will look forward to updates. When your brand becomes the hottest conversation topic, it seems more valuable and authoritative to new users. Your business will be a specialist knowledge forum which will increase your sales conversion rates.


Social Media with REAL ROI

Our service is able to produce a trackable return on investment. You will be able to track the increase in your website visitors to sales ratio. Also you can track more visitors generated directly from your social media accounts. Google is now calculating social media results amongst its search results.  Twitter and Facebook have hundreds of millions of users so why not take advantage of that by using our social media virtual assistant team. 



SEO / Search Engine Optimization Growth

Google has placed more emphasis on what is  referred to as “brand/ social signals”. Social media presence is a significant factor in calculating rankings. This is because strong brands almost always use social media. Being active on social media shows that your brand is legitimate, credible and trustworthy. When you want to rank for a given set of keywords, having a strong social media presence is mandatory. Your social media virtual assistant can get your twitter feed embedded into the homepage of your website. The constant traffic is an excellent way to win points with Google. We have seen a huge spike in Google’s rating once a feed has been embedded which will assist our SEO virtual assistant team to push your website up the rankings.


Social Media drives more Website Traffic

Using hashtags is an excellent way to get your brand out into relevant conversations. The more social media forums you set up transforms into extra paths leading back to your website. All the content you construct on those profiles creates more opportunities for new visitors. Google is taking more notice of “brand/ social signals” you will notice that you are getting more traffic directly from Google.  As your social media campaign matures, you’ll get more visitors. This will transform into more leads and higher conversion ratios.



Why use our Social Media Virtual Assistant Team to manage your campaign?

Social networks are a fast paced technology and you need to invest a lot of time on the details to get the perfect social media balance. It is a new communication channel like email, text or phone calls. Every interaction is an opportunity to show your customer service level. You will enrich your relationship with both new and existing customers. Having that personal touch lets your customers know that you care. These mediums allows you to address concerns swift and direct. Customers can post (or tweet) compliments and you can thank them to  show your appreciation. You can then use this as an avenue to recommend different products or services.  They may also share complaints and you can take the opportunity to apologize and take action to make it right.

Social media allows you to gain valuable information about your customer interests and their opinion of your brand. Posting relevant information and images 4 or 5 times a day will give you the appearance of being “socially active”. And also a reliable knowledge source.

If you’re serious about attaining the benefits of a source media campaign you should definitely outsource the “heavy lifting” to us. We know the exact combination to create a social media campaign that provides an interactive and authoritative set of posts. It will draw in your clients and customers as well as ignite Google’s rankings.

Our dedicated social media virtual assistant team will post on your behalf a wealth of keyword rich content throughout the day, every day.


Are you ready to get ahead of your competitors?

Give us a call so we can show you how social media marketing can take your business to the next level.]


Our team can save you a ton of time and energy that can be better spent elsewhere. 

You know that already, that’s why you’re here!

Digital Marketing Strategist with background in Information Technology, Project Management, and Business Process Outsourcing. An expert in content marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), and dependent on Virtual Assistants to survive.

As the founder of VA Staffer, he has built a company with over 150+ virtual assistants, specializing in executive assistants and remote teams. Jeff's a master at leveraging AI and human capital to build things fast (and smart). He's a contributor to top business publications such as Entrepreneur and Forbes, and he has been featured on major news networks including ABC and CBS.

Jeff J Hunter

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