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I’ve traveled to the Philippines several times to build our “Virtually There” operation in Makati City, Metro Manila. On this latest trip,  I am reminded that even though the Philippines is so far from the USA, the culture, the ethics, and the people are so aligned with the vision of western society. The Philippines is really the most Western civilization in all of Asia, with a diverse people, many faiths, many ambitions, and the freedom to become great.

Families are the cornerstone of this great country. Families stick together. The parents take care of the children and the children take care of their parents in later life. Consequently, education in the Philippines is a treasured commodity. It is not free but it is seen as the path to a better future – a good investment. Parents prioritise schooling for their children, knowing that there is a reasonable chance that their child will achieve a solid, full-time job within well-established companies which can offer valuable benefits (such as healthcare) and good prospects for career advancement . Filipinos are not shy. If they see an opportunity, they grasp it with both hands.

I can also confirm that modern technology is alive-and-kicking in the Philippines.

Freedom is an important word. One’s job can be very rewarding, challenging, satisfying and fulfilling but at the same time the work can sometimes be repetitive, monotonous and time-consuming. There are times when you just want to get started on what you perceive to be the real work in hand, but first you have to spend time doing some administrative task that you feel is a waste of your valuable time and skills. These tasks are often not onerous and would certainly not justify hiring a temp. Temporary staff do play a valuable role in an organization, but they come at a price. Generally, your company has to provide a workspace for them, they have to be quickly integrated into your company’s way of doing things. You have to manage them on a daily basis and, most importantly, constantly find work to keep them busy until the end of their contract. Wouldn’t it be great if you could have a colleague to assist you just at the times when you need him or her?

A virtual assistant is the solution – they are virtually there for you like a remote employee. You don’t have to manage them, you just give them a task with a deadline and let them get on with it. You are then free to do the things that are more relevant to your grade and ability. Of course you can speak to them at any time to pass on extra information, clarify any queries or just get a progress report. It is like having your very own personal assistant except that they are “not there”.

Some “Virtually There” Assistance

  • Travel Arrangements

    A Virtual Assistant can help you research flights and find the best route, help you get a hotel, ask for that “special request” to make sure you get the best options possible with the research you didn’t have time to do.

  • Contact Management

    Need help getting people lined up? Need to find the right person for a job? We can help you find them,  line it up and schedule calls and/or appointments.

  • Online Research & More..

    Don’t spend your time researching or searching – let us do it, and you stick to doing what you do best. We can help you get the right information for you to make the best decisions moving forward.

Check out more Virtual Assistant Services our team can help you with.

A job typically consists of one or more tasks, sometimes repetitive but sometimes a “one-off”. Say you need to organize a business trip for yourself and/or other members of staff. You know the destination, the relevant dates and personal details of all of the travellers. On the face of it, it should not be difficult. You have probably done it all before, possibly several times. It is only when you start to research flights and accommodation that you realise (or recall) that it takes time … lots of time … valuable time.

A virtual assistant is virtually there to assist you. These days, many people choose to work from home. Everyone has a phone, a personal computer, an internet connection. Skype video conference calls, for example, make virtual meetings possible. A virtual assistant can be viewed as a colleague who works from home – always contactable, always (virtually) there.

Let our virtual assistants help you with your travel arrangements.

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