Whiteboard Wednesday: Influencers Vs. Followers S2E5 

October 14, 2016

By  Jeff J Hunter

Influencers Vs. Followers

Watch the replay of the video below:

WHY is this important?

If you are a business owner and no one knows about your business or your product, then basically whatever you do is worthless. Who are you going to sell it to?

The VALUE that people bring to their audience has a lot to do with why they are such a great influence, ‘influencer’. It’s all because of the value they provide, whether it’s free value or paid value.


Below are Examples of Three Influencers

  • Kim Garst – She is an entrepreneur. She started something called social boom. She’s done tons of live content on Facebook and other social media platforms.
  • Jeff Bullas – Another great influencer. Both he and Kim get paid to travel the world and teach people how to effectively use social media.
  • Ted Rubin – Another big influencer.

These three people are all big influencers online. There are millions of people who follow them online. Every time you post something online this gives you more impact and reach to people. With all the recent changes in social media, the more you put yourself out there and the more content you share, the greater the chance of your stuff getting seen.


Similarities Between These Top 3 Successful Entrepreneurs

  • On average, each of these people posts at least twenty-four (24) times daily.

Each time you post something, it is an opportunity to reach someone, especially when you have millions of followers.  Everything you post will not show up on everyone’s news feed. Therefore the more you post, the greater the opportunity for your content to be seen.

  • They all give out a lot of FREE and VALUABLE stuff

For example, Kim Garst gives out a lot of guides:

  • How to create Facebook and Facebook live Ads.
  • How to make amazing tweets that are really engaging.

She has tons of other guides that she gives away. This is one way of providing value to people.


What is the Main Difference Between an Influencer and a Follower?

You may have the necessary skill but may not have the influence. In order to be an influence you need to put yourself out there; whether it may be via Facebook or email or in person networking. These are things that need to be taken into consideration. It is essential to make yourself available and you need to be authentic.

Going back to Kim Garst, Jeff Bullas, and Ted Rubin, these are people who make themselves very available. They go out to events, network, share their ideas and give a lot value for free.


Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the way you take yourself to the next level is by offering great value for free. You should provide all sorts of useful content such as downloads, blogs, training and videos. And this is what these top three influencers do.

That’s what separates them from the followers. They keep providing amazing content. Also, you have got to be consistent as consistency is the key.  If you aren’t engaging yourself with people and not providing value, then your business won’t grow. You have just got to put yourself out there and provide people with value.

If you want to be one of the top influencers, start providing value to audience today. Show people the value of working with you before they starting working with you.

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Jeff J Hunter

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