Creating a To-Do-List System


Stay in the loop by having your Dedicated Assistant send you a summary report of what's going on daily.


Message your Dedicated Assistant that you want a bullet point summary of important things such as Emails that need response, follow ups from other team members, noteworthy notifications, and a list of your calls for the day and their details.

Your Dedicated Assistant will then help suggest other things you may want to be notified about.


First, finalize where you want to receive these reports. You could create a new channel on your Slack/Discord or tell your assistant to send it to you directly via messenger or whatsapp.

We recommend having a dedicated channel for this but what's more important is what is convenient for you since the goal of the VA is to help make your life easier and not change what you are used to.


The VA will then check the platforms you mentioned and creates a bulleted summary that they send you on a daily basis.

You can then let your assistant know what you want done for each one.


Have a recurring check with your VA to verify the system is working.

Your Dedicated Assistant then provides feedback on what's working and what's not working and report any other anomalies monitored.


You can also have a system where your Assistant edits the message and marks those already done with a checkmark or annotations on what actions are taken.

Example: A Client emailed asking for a follow-up on the new logo they asked for.
- Your assistant then sends a follow-up to your graphic designer and marks this line item as PENDING: Waiting for Reply from Graphic Designer

You can have different systems built on this as well that evolves depending on your structure and needs.

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