Have Your VA Manage Your Emails


Get unchained from your inbox by having your Dedicated Assistant respond to emails for you.


Message your Dedicated Assistant and let them know that you want them to respond to emails for you.

Your Dedicated Assistant will then create a list of common FAQs and Emails that you may receive.


With the list provided by your VA, build out standard responses together. You also want to set-up rules with your VA on what type of emails you want them to respond independently and which ones you want them to forward to you first before responding.

Example: If it is an email about cancellation,tell the VA to not respond and to forward the email and set-up a reminder for you instead.

Your Dedicated VA will now start building out the repository for email responses as well as the list of additional rules.


If you followed the steps from the Freedom Recipe "Share Your Emails to your VA", then all relevant emails should be received by your VA. You can also instruct your VA to always include your main email on the CC section whenever they reply for you to keep you in the loop.

They will then use the repository of responses to reply to the emails.


Have a recurring check with your VA to verify the system is working.

Your Dedicated Assistant then provides feedback on what's working and what's not working and report any other anomalies monitored.


Whenever an emails comes in that doesn't have a standard response, have the VA add it to the repository and forward the email to you.

If a standard response is established for the new email type, it is then added to the repository for future use.

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