Set-Up Your Communication Channels


By having a clear and organized system for communication helps your VA stay on top of things for you.


Message your Dedicated Assistant that you want to set-up your communication channels to better organize conversations.

This will also help make you and your assistant more efficient by having clear purposes for things like email, chat, messenger app, and voice/video calls.


You are going to want to invite your Dedicated Assistant to the platforms you want to use for communications.

Example :

Email: for anything that requires a paper trail such as invoices, contracts, emails you want your assistant to set a reminder for your.
Chat (Slack/Discord): For internal communication and general conversations.
Messenger app (FB/Whatsapp): For Voice notes and memos
Voice/video calls (Zoom/Skype): Urgent concerns, meetings, and check-in calls.

Once your Dedicated Assistant confirms access and run tests to check for issues.


Follow the purpose for the usage of each communication channel.

Your Dedicated VA will also follow the same thing which will result to overall efficiency because things are organized and are easy to find.


Have a recurring check with your VA to verify the system is working.

Your Dedicated Assistant then provides feedback on what's working and what's not working and report any other anomalies monitored.


You can further improve this by setting up multiple channels on your Chat(Slack/Discord) communication platform.

Example: Creating channels for the following conversations
- Urgent Concerns
- Accounting
- Calendar
- To-Do List
- General Discussion

This will help further organize conversations between you and your assistant and will also help with prioritization and accountability.

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