Share Your Email To Your VA


By Giving access to your Emails, your VA will be able to see it and better manage it for you


Message your Dedicated Assistant that you will need their email address so you can set-up a forwarder and have them receive your emails and to help you identify what kind of emails are relevant to be forwarded to them.

Your Dedicated Assistant will then provide you their email address and a list of email types to filter.


Login to your email and set-up forwarding rules based on the email platform you are using (Gmail/Outlook/etc.).

Example: Forward all email marked as urgent/top priority

Your Dedicated Assistant then run somes tests with you to ensure all the forwarding rules are working as intended.


All emails moving forward that fits the rules you set up will be forwarded to your VA. Initially, for very important emails you receive you are going to want to check in from time to time with your VA if that email got forwarded to them as well

Your Dedicated Assistant will start receiving the emails and opens up other things they could help you with, like replying to emails, scheduling calls, follow-ups, etc.


Have a recurring check with your VA to verify if the forwarding rules are working as intended. Topics could include: Emails that did not get forwarded, additional rules to set-up, etc.

Your Dedicated Assistant then provides feedback on what's working and what's not working and report any other anomalies monitored.


Additional forwarding rules can then be added or existing ones modified to better suit your needs.

Example: Rule - Forward all emails from "stripe" and "paypal" so your assistant can help monitor your invoices.

The email forwarding rules will be constantly evolving to adapt to your needs and what works for you so don't forget to let your Dedicated Assistant know of any changes that you may have implemented.

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