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June 26, 2015

By  Jeff J Hunter

Before you can increase website traffic, you need to strategize the steps you are going to need to take in order to achieve your traffic goals. Traffic to your blog posts drives conversions. And you want people to be able to do something that furthers your end goal every time that interact with your web site.

Whether you are trying to get traffic to your site or offline, there are some important things to remember. This article is going to show you some new ways to use the materials you have on hand (and more) to increase your traffic.

How To Get Traffic To Your Website

There are many ways to get traffic to your website.  Some cost a substantial amount of money while others do not. It is really up to your businesses model whether it is a good idea to spend money for advertising right away of not.

Here are ways that you can get traffic to your site:

  • Buy Google Ads
  • Get organic traffic
  • Use a vanity URL to call attention to a particular project
  • Create moving pictures for both Pinterest and Instagram
  • Create YouTube teaser or instructional videos
  • Mail out post cards with your website printed on them
  • Create articles and upload them to Scribd
  • Create articles for “article submission” sites
  • Get direct interaction by commenting on blogs and forums
  • Create eBooks with links to your site
  • Create radio and TV commercials with site mentioned

All of these items above take some time for development. Often, this is what businesses miss when they consider the cost of building the website. The website just the placeholder for content. Be careful not to put too much emphasis in the placeholder and not enough emphasis on creating quality content. IT outsourcing companies (like VA Staffer) are all too familiar with this.

Combining Onsite And Offline SEO Tactics

With those businesses that live and operate mainly online need to really work on offline tactics, too. As things go more mobile, there is growing opportunity as the offline market is going untapped. The problem is that online businesses have problems with the principals of delegation: if it takes more than “X” amount of time to do it, or you really drag your feet on something, then delegate it.

So, here are some clever ways to combine both onsite and offline tactics:

  • Create postcards that have a picture of the video you want your customers to see with a person clicking on the video.
  • Go out onto the street, and do candid interviews about the state of your business and/or industry, then post those video on the Internet.
  • If people deal with your online business, send them high-quality items with your logo on them to show off.
  • Create international and/or inter-industrial projects on Pinterest.

Designing A System Around Getting Assistance

While helping others, it gives those people an opportunity to help you back. Regarding business in this aspect, a lot of companies have their own “customer relations management” (CRM) system in place; there is an interesting extra step that you can do to help your customers.

Create a subsection of your CRM to include the needs of your customers that cannot be fulfilled by the store. Post the needs of other customers (without their identifying information, of course) and talk to other customers to see if they can help out someone on your list. If yes, then you can connect the two people.

When taking a business card, ask if that person wants to have their information distributed to other people attending the event. If the answer is yes, then add them to the list of similar cards you collect. Mail out that list to everyone on that list.

Have a place online for people to give positive feedback to event promoters and attendees.  Here is an example: “Thank you, J Hunter, for buying us brunch at the dim sum restaurant.” – K&D.

Post a wishlist for yourself and/or the business; this gives an opportunity for a trade of goods and services. Be as specific as possible! For example: “We are saving up to buy a printer for the office which will allow us to print better graphic reports. The model that we like the best is Brother XLT4355 which is currently priced at $435.98.”

Collecting Performance Feedback Stats

Too many businesses focus on day-to-day activities and do not spend enough time gathering performance data. The biggest reason for this is that the data collection process does not start from the beginning of the project. Often, the data collection process comes after the fact which wastes a huge portion of company time.

Here are some important tools for gathering data about performance:

  • SEO Page Analyst
  • SEO Traffic Reports
  • Asking customers how you rate every time you interact with them
  • Asking employees to rate their experiences during projects
  • Look at the statics collected from your industry based off of the NAICS codes to compare
  • Six Sigma
  • Comment cards
  • Participatory surveys

Re-Fining Your Traffic Strategy

Obviously, a businesses needs to focus both online and offline when it comes to marketing strategies and sales funnels. Do not be afraid to do what other people are doing. If something works, copy that business model! In order to have a lot of success online, you need traffic (that not only stays on your site, they buy things as well).

  • Take the step necessary to get both onsite and offline traffic.
  • Combine the tactics of onsite and offline lead generation methods for the biggest ROI.
  • Remember that you are there to help customers.
  • Make sure to collect the data so that you can serve customers better.

Just when you think that you have enough things covered, you really should consider an extended outreach plan. The ability for you to go out and get customers (and then retain them) is the best thing you can do your your business. Part of the retention involves free education for your customers and the other part is excellent customer service.

If you have any tactics to increase website traffic not mentioned, please comment below.



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