Offline SEO Is The Way To Go 

April 29, 2015

By  Jeff J Hunter

For the purposes of this tutorial, “offline SEO” means when you are doing SEO actions that are not part of your business website. Too many businesses post content with the attitude of ‘set it and forget it’, also known as laissez-faire. That attitude towards this valuable content product is why businesses struggle so much.

Get Feedback Right Away

1) Once a page/post that has been published, it is important to go to forums in your industry and ask for assistance.
2) Ask people questions about the industry that you do not know yet.
3) You want to have people ask you questions about your page/post.
4) Write these questions down and save them for later.

Make A Few Phone Calls

1)Try to make a few phone calls during the week. Ideally, you’ll want to talk with one customer, one friend, and one industry leader regarding the different aspects of your business every day.
2) Make sure to record the contact information and times you have spoken with people. (This is called Customer Related Management – that can be used for more than just customers.)
3) There is no reason that you should limit yourself to your office. Get out and go to a park or coffee shop – so much of the outreach portions can be handled anywhere there is a phone and internet access.

Bring In The Traffic

As with everything else, parts of doing the offline SEO can be delegated to other people. It is a matter if figuring out how much resources you wish to dedicate to getting the message of your website out there in the world.

Offline SEO Is Outreach

Once the content is created and it is properly SEOed, the next step is to get out into the world and interact with people. This can be hard for some business owners, but it is a crucial step that is missed in the scope of things. Delegate delegate delegate these tasks!

The last layer of SEO content is continuing to maintain the momentum of that page, so that the page relevance stays high. This is called SEO Maintenance.

What steps would you do for your offline seo strategies? Please comment below.


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Jeff J Hunter

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