Not-So Virtual Assistant Office

Update Video Below: Not-So Virtual Assistant Office

Update Video Below: Not-So Virtual Assistant Office

This Friday, I embark on a 23 hour plane flight and 17 hour time zone difference effectively losing 3 days traveling to Manila, Philippines. I’ll be heading out Friday morning and landing Sunday morning – not leaving much time to set up our new Virtual Assistant Office in time for interviews on Tuesday. We have a huge pool of candidates for our Web Design, Customer Service, and Marketing Team – so please keep us in your thoughts and prayers, we will need guidance and a insight.


 Breakdown of the content in the video:

* New Office in Downtown Makati
* 2300 square feet Facility
* Dedicated room for Creative Tasks: Web Design, Project Plans, Marketing
* New Office will Provide the Ability to Grow the Team with Reliable Internet and Flood-Free Facility
* Goal to Hire 10 New Staff Members
* Greater Focus on Utilizing Social Media to Market for Our Clients
* Reliable Capability to Complete Phone Calls
* Customer Satisfaction is #1 Even Due to Unfortunate Hiring Freeze and Client Freeze since December 25th
* Focus on Growing Business In-House

Thank you all for all your support, there’s a lot that goes into this type of growth – we need all the help we can get.

Make it a great day!

J Hunter

J Hunter

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