Finding Quality Online Virtual Assistants 

July 7, 2017

By  Jeff J Hunter


Now here’s a popular question which demands an answer with great frequency: Where do you find quality online virtual assistants or quality virtual assistant team members? Quite frankly, the quality of online virtual assistants you need will be dependent upon your needs. Therefore the first thing you should consider before you even hire an online virtual assistant or team is, what are your needs. Perhaps the suggestions below could be useful in helping you to decide.


What are your Virtual Assistant Needs?

Bearing in mind the needs of your business, your business acumen and your personal needs, do you want to:

  • Create or Curate a blog?
  • Schedule from social media posts?
  • Create content for posts?

Or perhaps you need someone to:

  • Draft a proposal?
  • Take care of your busy work?
  • Perform data entry?
  • Do graphic designs?
  • Answer your phone?
  • Represent your business at a press conference?

In each of the above-suggested cases, the culture of your location would also play an important role in making such a decision. For example, you may need someone to assist with a press release. In such a case, someone who is native to your location would be the most suitable option. They would be able to easily fulfill that particular need. There would be no language barrier, for example, to complicate the message your business would aim to convey.

Additionally, there will be ‘impossible’ tasks which you will need to accomplish. However, they only seem impossible due to whatever limitation of, skill, ability, experience or interest. Therefore, you also need to consider the character and skill level of the individual. The online virtual assistant assigned needs to be equipped to assist you in achieving your goals for your business.

But how do you go about finding the virtual assistance which is right for you? Your selection process must be a careful one. Below are three types of online virtual assistants. You need to decide which one would best suit your needs.


Types of Online Virtual Assistants


There are three types of online virtual assistants:

The Freelancer


Perhaps you have a task which will not be recurring – you need a website built, a logo designed etc. If you hire a freelance personal assistant, then you have the options. You can shop for the best price based on what it is you wish to accomplish.

However, freelance personal assistants are actively seeking their fortune. Therefore they’re not obligated to work for you. Consequently, the freelance personal assistants are often looking out for the next big buck. As such, they can easily set your business aside in the event of a higher paying opportunity.

Therefore, ensure you utilize trusted freelance personal assistants. Also, avoid paying your total fee before your freelance personal assistant is complete with the project. Additionally, set milestones. They can set the pace towards actually completing your task while keeping you on a budget.


The Dedicated Online Virtual Assistant

This individual reports directly to you or works for an agency, but reports directly to you. That is the most common thought when one considers having an online virtual assistant. But such assistance could also be achieved on a contract basis, like an OBM (Online Business Manager). In so doing, you could source that person directly or utilize a third party agency.  

However, you must also bear in mind that this person is limited by their skill and understanding. Therefore, you would have to be willing to exercise patience and the necessary guidance. Your online virtual assistant must get familiar with your process requirements to produce worthwhile results.

Also, you must ensure that you have a plan and a course of action which you would like your online virtual assistant to follow. That way, when that person runs out of work to do, you still have work which they can take on intermittently. Otherwise, you will have an online virtual assistant who has no work to do.


The Virtual Team of Assistants

In this case, you have a pool of talented individuals. They may work for a company where they utilize their skills to provide you, the customer, with the assistance you need. You may be charged at an hourly rate or purchase a monthly retainer. Regardless the charge, you have the opportunity to utilize the talents and abilities of different team members.

The advantage in such a case is that you have a team of people behind you. They shall provide the assistance you need utilizing their individual talents. There are numerous agencies out there who offer this service, including VA Staffer.

However, the cost associated with such a team would surpass that of a dedicated virtual assistant. For example, each task you which you need accomplished would fall beneath specific categories. Each area of specialization incurs its own special rate. Also, the amount of time spent completing various tasks may be rather costly.

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