Onsite SEO Images Tips 

May 18, 2015

By  Jeff J Hunter

SEO images are pictures on a page or post that have special care taken with the configuration of that picture to maximize the potential for search engine visibility. Basically, it is a very good idea to tell Google what blog post images are as well as how they relate to the keyword phrase that a customer is searching for.

Blogger Images and SEO

There is no secret that images are important for WordPress pages and blogs. In fact, the images may help the users of your website to stay longer on your pages or posts. While most SEO companies put a lot of emphasis on content that is optimized for search engines, they often miss the mark when it comes to images. (Images are just a part of it all. Check out this article Onsite SEO Step By Step to see the bigger picture. Pun intentded.)

This is where the benefits of a virtual assistant comes in. Collecting all of the images and organizing them to match with a specific keyword phase takes time and organization skills. Managing image collections is something that could be outsourced.

Can I Use Google Images On My Blog?

As a rule of thumb, you want to use images that can be used and modified commercially. Do not just go to Google Images and take the photos your like. An unfortunate mistake that a lot of web designers do is to populate their client’s websites with Google Images with the intention of removing them in the near future. Except life happens.

The images are not replaced in a timely manner, and the company receives nasty letters to take down images that do not belong to them. If a website owner is not computer savvy, this could end up costing the owner a huge amount of money.

This method is really unnecessary. Today, we are surrounded by the ability to take pictures from cameras and phones. It is really a simple process to take a picture and email it to yourself. (If you do not know how to do this, let someone show you.) If the images are yours, put a copyright on your images with the name of your website – in the corner where it does not distract from the photo.

If you need to have a lot of pictures done for your site, then you can always delegate out this responsibility. There are virtual assistant companies that are available to help design graphics, infographics, and to tweak pictures you have taken.

One of the offsite SEO factors (the series for next week) is image citations. Basically, this is when another site uses your image and says” This image courtesy of yoursite.com. These image links (when placed on news sites) are tremendous for SEO ranking boosts.

Image Size And Other Aspects

Images on a post or page should not be bigger than 200 kb each. Images that have a high compression rate are key here. Basically, you want the picture large enough to see well, but have a small enough file size. At first, image size does not seem to matter much; then one day, you site is too large for a simple backup. Now, the process of taking care of your site is that much more difficult.

Also, it is a very good idea to put the images into a program like Photoshop and save for the web. This means that the images are altered to use colors that all of the platforms utilize.

SEO Perfect Images

The very first thing to understand is that you must have the keyword in both the title and the alt text of the picture. The crawlers uses both of these to determine the relevance of each picture. This is called “title attribute SEO” in this industry.

The simplest way to do title attribute for images is to take the “featured image” in a WordPress site and place the title of the page or post as the title of the image. Simple.

The next step is to place the same image title into the alt text and add one word. This simple step makes it so that the crawlers both put the image into their website image results as well as the web results. This added benefit is that there are searches that come to your site through the regular web search as well as walking through similar images. So many websites are discovered because someone presses “visit page” after looking at an image.

Optimized Images Are Necessary

In this article, we discussed why optimized images are necessary. Not only do they cause the reader to have some intrigued as to the content of the page or post itself, but the image can be another path to your site via images results. It is important to use your own photographs or strategic outsourcing to gain images that you can call your own rather than take images from Google Images directly. Related to images, SEO videos are a similar process with a few different tweaks.

How would you use SEO images for your pages or posts? Please comment below.


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